24 February 2014

My Wedding Day

I got hitched slightly over two weeks ago in Tasmania. We had an outdoor wedding and were so blessed with the weather, as there was a storm that was meant to come that day but was thankfully delayed by 24 hours. We had the most amazing day, and we are extremely thankful for everyone who made the effort to attend our little gathering and helped us make the day possible. 

I thought I'd share some pictures of the day. I decided not to use any pictures with any of my guests for privacy reasons (well, at least ones where you can see their faces), so most of the pictures are of yours truly. :P

The day started off with putting my face on and getting my hair done. My mother-in-law organised the make up artist, whilst I organised the hair stylist. I'm pretty pleased with the result.

After all that was done and the dress was put on, my father and I made our way to the venue via horse and carriage. It was about a 20-30 minute ride. We went through the main strip in town and there were quite a number of people out on the street taking photos and waving. I felt semi-embarrassed, as I'm not one who enjoys being in the limelight. 
I thought I was going to be super nervous on the way to the venue, but was quite surprised when I felt calm. It was actually quite surreal.

We were notified by one of the photographers (who was Michael's mum's partner) that Michael was actually running late. He just hopped into the shower when we were halfway through our journey! So in order to be there AFTER the groom as appeared at the altar, we had to stop outside someone's house for about 5-10 minutes. It was a good break for the horses anyway, as they had to climb up and down a few hills. 

Apparently when I got there, there was a collective gasp. I was too busy trying not to stack it whilst climbing out from the carriage to notice the expressions from my guests. 

The ceremony passed in a blur, and the next thing I knew, we were slipping rings onto each other's fingers. I think this may be due to our extremely short and to-the-point ceremonial speech. My dad was also assigned 10 minutes to do a quick biblical reading, but that seemed to pass so quickly as well.

So after the ceremony ended, we had to sign our marriage certificate... and then the endless photo taking took place (well, it started from the moment I got onto the horse and carriage, but I wasn't too inclined to smile and reveal those pearly white chompers).

Whilst we had our obligatory photo snaps, our guests were having nibblies and drinks. The majority of "formal" photos with family and friends were taken with Mount Roland in the back.

Michael and I then climbed into the horse and carriage for our ride down to our other "formal" photo-taking destination - Red Water Creek Railway. Michael loves trains from a very young age, so this was for him.

We had a good relaxing chat on our way down there. It was on our ride to the trains where he told me why he was running late before - his best man was taking absolutely forever in the bathroom doing who-knows-what. I wasn't impressed at all. 

Anyway, I got really excited when we got to Red Water Creek because my mother-in-law was fetching the puppies (well, they aren't technically puppies) so that they could be part of our special day too!

L-R: Penny, Snowy, Kostya, Dozer
I brought my dog, Snowy, down to Tasmania. It was his first plane trip, and I think he was extremely stressed out because he wee-d his bedding. :( He seemed to have a ball with the other three dogs though (after Penny showed him who's boss). Dozer is Michael's dog, and he is temporarily living in Tasmania with my mother-in-law whilst we're homeless. Dozer's biological mum and dad are Penny and Kostya who belong to my mother-in-law and her partner. So it was quite a happy (canine) family, and I was (and still am) so pleased that they were able to be part of my wedding.

Our wishing well
After our photo taking session at Red Water Creek, we hitched a ride with my mother-in-law to send the dogs back to her place before making our way back to the wedding venue. We had a group photo of all our friends and family and then had dinner.

Table decorations - gumnuts with fresh gumnut leaves & flowers and handmade gardenia scented candle
We had a pretty unusual reception. After our buffet dinner, we had speeches from Michael's dad, best man, and my dad. Dad stole my thunder (with our blessings) and gave a diamond ring to mum after his speech, which was so sweet as she was not expecting it at all.

We also had a Chinese tea ceremony, where Michael and I served tea to our elders (family members only) and in return we get a red packet (with money) from them, symbolising their blessings.

I actually can't remember the order of the reception, but we also had a "Yum Seng" toast (or three), which is part of the Chinese tradition as well. "Yum Seng" is a toast to success and it's a toast where you have to basically scream "Yum Seng" for as long as possible... like this "Yuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu...m SENG!" It seemed to be quite a hit, as everyone (even Michael's family members) enjoyed this seemingly unusual tradition.

Another hit of the night was our cupcakes. The cake at the top was meant to be a giant cupcake, but something went wrong somewhere. I actually didn't mind it at all.

The cupcakes were delicious! But I wasn't a big fan of the love-heart with our initials even though it looked really good.

But the biggest hit of it all was....
The cake topper. Everyone who knew me got it, and I'm sure you will too! :P

I couldn't have asked for a better wedding... or husband. I really did enjoy myself even though I did have the shits and wasn't really looking forward to it (as mentioned before, I HATE being in the limelight).

I've been asked quite a few times what married life is like or how I'm finding married life. The truth is it really doesn't feel like anything has changed. An example I have been giving to people who have asked me that question was that it feels like the day after your birthday. You don't feel like anything has changed, you're content with life, but you don't necessarily feel like you're a year older. The only thing that has changed (besides my last name) is the extra ring I wear on my ring finger everyday.


  1. This is stunning! You look so beautiful and the scenery is just breathtaking! I do love weddings, they just make you feel all warm and fuzzy! Congratulations 😄

  2. Congratulations, you look beautiful and everything is just gorgeous

    Jac xx

  3. It sounds like you had an amazing wedding. Congratulations! You looked stunning!

    1. It was definitely an amazing day! Thank you :)

  4. Ahhh you look stunning! Your wedding looks incredible - congratulations! x

  5. How gorgeous! Congratulations - and the cake topper's hilarious!

    1. Thank you! Everyone had a good laugh over the cake topper! :)