17 March 2014

Wantable - March 2014

I received my favourite beauty subscription box, Wantable, in the mail yesterday after tracking it eagerly for the past two weeks. Wantable is the only beauty subscription box that actually hand picks products per your preferences via a pretty comprehensive survey that you fill out prior to subscribing. All items are full sized and it usually arrives before any of my Australia beauty boxes despite coming all the way from the US. It is a tat more expensive than the Australian beauty boxes but totally worth it, as you know that you'll most probably like everything you get. Also, it's a fantastic way to try new products from the states out if you live in an isolated country like Australia, where we get everything late and at a crazily inflated.

Please excuse the blurry photo. I didn't realise it was that blurry until I was editing my photos. 

I received four products this month. Unfortunately, there were no samples in this month's box (there's normally one sample per box).

Liberty Republic Spellbound Nail Lacquer in Belladonna - RRP: USD$14.00 
"Ready for a new take on the classic nude polish? Belladonna is a chic, light pinkish coral that looks gorgeous with any skin tone. Beauty Tip: Mix it up and try a matte top coat to edge up this stunning girl-next-door shade."

I absolutely love nail polishes, especially pale pink shades! So this nail polish is right up my alley. I whacked two layers on last night, and it was gorgeous. It wasn't streaky at all.

Mistura Beauty Retractable Brush - RRP: USD$18.82
"The ultra-soft synthetic-hair bristles pop out from the handle and wash the cheeks with your customized Mitsura shade! Avoid potential allergic reactions to animal fur and get gorgeous while on the go with this travel-friendly, cruelty-free must-have! Beauty Tip: The ultra-soft synthetic-hair bristles pop out from the handle and wash the cheeks with your customized Mistura shade! Fan it out fully to sweep powder over your face or retract your brush upwards for more concentrated pigmentation around the eyes, cheekbones or to cover hard-to-reach blemish areas around the nose."

Not a big fan of this brush despite the soft bristles and its travel-friendly properties. I tried using it has a blush brush and it didn't transfer the blush on my cheeks evenly, resulting in patchy pink cheeks. Not a good look. Might try it as an all over face brush for loose powder to set my foundation.

LAQA & Co. Fat Lip Pencil in Wolfman - RRP: USD$18.00
"Ditch the lip balm, liner and gloss with this all-in-one Fat Lip Pencil. The smooth buttery texture coats lips in stunning, glossy color and comes in a handy jumbo pencil that needs no sharpener. Wolfman is the lightest and most innocent shade of pink. Glamour Magazine says this color is "soft enough to be sweet but it's also kind of sassy." Packaging artwork created by Mark Mawson. Mark has been shooting in Sydney for several years. He specialises in shooting fashion and people underwater. Beauty Tip: Exfoliate lips to make them smooth, then slick on this gorgeous pencil. Line the lips first, then fill them in for the prettiest pout."

The Beauty Tip contradicts the blurb about the lip pencil. When I applied this the first time on bare lips, I found that it was a bit drying. However, over the top of a lip balm, it was fantastic. The colour is natural and is quite sheer, but suits my preferences to the T. It smells pepperminty, like those of the Revlon Kissable Balm Stain.

Girlactik Beauty The Grey Liner - RRP: USD$19.00
"Formulated to withstand everything from tears to inclement weather, this waterproof, angled eyeliner twists up and never needs sharpening. It won't smudge or streak when wearing on your eyes. Beauty Tip: For a simple but sexy, smoky eye, apply liner to the outer corner of the eye and smudge with a brush or finger to soften the line."

I was quite surprised at how pigmented this was when swatched (see picture below). However, it came at a price - the tip broke off. I used it yesterday to test this beauty out. I wasn't all that impressed unfortunately. It coated my lashes in grey liner and kind of "glued" them together, making them look like spider lashes. Although it was nothing a lash comb could fix, it was an extra step to my makeup routine that I could do without especially if I'm in a rush to get to work.

Swatches of LAQA & Co Fat Lip Pencil & Girlactik Beauty The Grey Liner
I was really excited with the contents of this box. However, after trying them all out, some were a bit of a disappointment. But the point of subscribing to beauty subscription boxes is to explore new brands and products, which is what Wantable has delivered, as all four products sent to me were products that I'd use or purchase myself.

Wantable costs USD$36 a month and is currently only available to residents in USA, Canada, Australia and UK. Shipping costs varies depending on where you live. For Australia, it's USD$10. If you'd like to sign up, I'd greatly appreciate it if you could use my personal invitation link here, as I get USD$10 credit towards my next box.

If you can't afford it, you can try your luck at winning one of 21 Wantable makeup boxes here. Hurry, as the giveaway ends 21st March 2014 at 12 CST!


  1. The lip pencil looks like it would be a completely different colour to your swatch. I wouldn't have been thrilled with this months products but would like to sub for a few boxes in the future x

    1. I should have colour edited the photo. It shouldn't have looked as dark as it appears. This month's box isn't the best, but they're still products I'd try.

  2. Wow, yeah, I was expecting to see some colour from the lip pencil. Everything in the box looks pretty good!

    LilynotLouise | Beauty and Food

    1. It is rather sheer, but I can't normally pull off "loud" colours on my lips, so it suits me just fine. Wish it was a bit more moisturizing though!

  3. I'm so happy you liked my SPELLBOUND Nail Lacquer! Thanks for reviewing!