23 April 2014

Bellabox - Mother's Day Edition

When I received an email from Bellabox advising that there is a limited edition Mother's Day box for $49.95, I wasn't all that interested to be honest. I clicked the link in the email, which brought me to the Bellabox Mother's Day box page. I was sold almost instantly when I saw that a Mimco pouch was included. I think that alone has got to be worth $49.95. So I bit the bullet and purchased one.. for myself... because dogs count as furry babies, thereby making me a mum... right?

The Mother's Day edition box was full of goodies. I can assure you that the box did not look like that when I opened it. I was trying to arrange it in the box so everything was visible, but I gave up and took a shot hoping it'd look artistic but obviously failed miserably.

Since I was super lazy, I didn't swap out my macro lens, and this was the best I could do to include everything in the picture without growing out my arms to get a further away shot. Although some most of these items were in previous boxes, I am quite happy with them as I haven't been subscribed to Bellabox enough to have received many dupes.

As per my normal beauty box subscription reviews (I thought I'd write this post like it's a review), these are the items that were included in my Bellabox Mother's Day Edition box...

1. Mimco Mim pouch - RRP: $69.95
The main reason why I purchased the box. I'm glad they included the dust bag!

2. Luxe Hanoi City Guides - RRP: $12.99
This is useless to me. I don't see myself (or my mum) going to Vietnam any time soon (or dare I say ever?).

3. Wotnot facial wipes - 5 wipes - RRP: $7.95 for 25 wipes
These wipes are seriously one of the best makeup removing wipes I've ever used. I prefer the new oily/sensitive version to this but it's still fantastic. They don't sting my eyes, and they don't leave a greasy/oily residue on my skin. The wipes are also nice and thick and feel amazing on my skin (compared to other brands). I purchased a full sized packet of the Wotnot facial wipes (for oily/sensitive skin) to get free shipping when I checked out with this limited edition box.

4. Harnn Cymbopogon Hand Cream - RRP: $38.50 for 50g
This is some pricey hand cream. Not sure how it smells, as there's a seal that needs to be broken. I might give this to my mother, as I rarely use hand creams.

5. Bellabox Pout Pencil in Ruby Tuesday - RRP: $14.99
I highly doubt I'd use this, as I'm not one for "loud" colours. Not quite sure what I'll do with this, as I can't see my mum using this either.

6. Jane Tran hair clips
Not sure how much these are worth, but I'll most likely use these to keep my annoying hair out of my face.

7. Natio Nail Colour in Ruby - RRP: $9.95 for 15ml
I wish I received this box before the long weekend, as my mother in law is in Sydney and was looking for a red nail polish for a pedicure. I managed to find three polishes to spare, and I would have given her this one as well, as I don't use red polishes much!

8. Janesce Softening Refresher - 25ml - RRP: $31.95 for 100ml
This contains rosewater and rose oil, which smells amaaaazing (I'm currently in love with rose smelling things). It kind of reminds me of Jurlique Rosewater Balancing Mist fragrance wise.

9. Rubifresh Cleansing Oil - RRP: $23.00
"Many cleansing products strip away the skin's PROTECTIVE oils, moisture & environmental barrier, telling our skin to produce more oil to protect itself. This refreshing blend of OLIVE, citrus & APRICOT oils, plus certified organic lemon-scented TEA TREE, will protect & nourish your skin, while removing makeup, dirt & grime. Massage onto face daily, wipe off with a warm damp face cloth for baby smooth skin."

I found some information on the Rubifresh website and I can't say I'm all too excited about this. The tea tree ingredient is really throwing me off, as I hate the smell of tea tree despite it's benefits. Has anyone used this? Does it stink of tea tree?

10. Indio Renew Cream - 10ml - RRP: $109 for 50ml
Containing AHA, Vitamin B3 and Honeysuckle extract, this is an anti-ageing product best used at night. I'm quite excited to give this a go, as my Kate Somerville RetAsphere is nearly empty :(

11. Griffin + row Skin Hydrating Spray - RRP: $27.50 for 100ml
My skin leans oily than dry, so I'm not sure if I'll use this hydrating spray. Might either give this to mum or save it for when I get extremely dry, itchy skin after using a self-tanner.

12. La Clinca Gly C Refine Micro Dermabrasion Facial Scrub - 10ml - RRP: $42 for 100ml
Being so picky when it comes to facial scrubs (well, I'm not THAT picky, I just like a scrub with lots of grit), I'm unsure if I will love this, especially when I've already found my HG scrub (Clinique Face Scrub for Men). I will take this with me when I go overseas in June though, as it's the perfect travel size.

13. Egyptian Magic All Purpose Skin Cream - 3ml - RRP: $49 for 118ml
Ah! The highly hyped Egyptian Magic Skin Cream! I've never tried this skin cream before, but I'm looking forward to despite the sachet.

So that's it for the limited edition Mother's Day Bellabox! I think this box is definitely worth the $49.95, even though there are quite a number of items I wouldn't use. If only Bellabox regularly releases boxes of the same quality....

Did you purchase the Mother's Day box? What do you think of it?


  1. OMG Mimco wallet?! What a great box - I'm so sad I didn't get my hands on this box!

    1. I know right!! It's such good value. If you took away the Mimco wallet, I don't think I'd have purchased the box.

  2. Definitely worth it just for the wallet!

  3. This doesn't look too bad. I spent a good 10 minutes reading the writing on the Egyptian Magic cream, it's quite amusing!

    LilynotLouise | Beauty and Food

  4. Pretty average, but worth it for the wallet! xx

    1. Without the wallet, I don't think I'd have purchased! So I definitely agree!