10 April 2014

Review: The Jojoba Company - Jojoba Bead & Bamboo Facial Exfoliant EE Cream

The latest alphabet cream is out - EE cream! EE cream, in the case of the Jojoba Bead & Bamboo Facial Exfoliant EE Cream, stands for Extra Exfoliating. It's not so much of a moisturizing cream that you leave on your face (like I thought it was), but rather it's an exfoliant which can double up as a face mask.

This EE cream is a multi-tasking cream, as it works as a AHA (alpha hydroxy acid) and a BHA (beta hydroxy acid). The jojoba beads and bamboo are the AHAs that help remove dead skin cells and renew the skin, allowing your serums and moisturizers to work more effectively. The salicylic acid (BHA) clean out your pores without the need to scrub.

There are quite a number of key ingredients in this EE cream that help promote healthy, hydrated, clean skin.
  • 100% natural Australian jojoba - antioxidant, high in vitamins A, D & E, naturally hydrating.
  • Bamboo - exfoliating
  • Shea butter - hydrating
  • Witch hazel - calming and toning
  • Vitamin E - antioxidant
  • Ivory clay - hydrating
  • Salicylic acid - natural BHA, deep cleanse
  • Jojoba beads - nourishing, exfoliant

According to The Jojoba Company, this EE cream is suitable for all skin types, including those with sensitive skin. I agree with this, as the Jojoba Bead & Bamboo Facial Exfoliant EE cream is not very gritty (see picture below), and therefore isn't very harsh on the skin.

When smeared out, there aren't many beads compared to other exfoliants/scrubs I've tried, thereby making this the perfect product for those with sensitive skin. Personally, I prefer exfoliants with more grit (such as Clinique Face Scrub for Men aka my HG face scrub), as it feels like they're doing a much better job at removing those icky dead cells. Regardless, the result is more or less the same. My face is left feeling moisturised and so incredibly smooth. 

I've also used this EE cream as a mask, and this is my preferred method. It just seems to make my skin feel so much smoother compared to using it just as a scrub. I apply a thin layer of this EE cream on my face and let it do its magic for about 10-15 minutes before I hop in the shower. I wet my face and then gently rub the product around in circular motions before rinsing it off. 

I highly recommend this EE cream, even if you're into gritty scrubs like I am, because it makes a great mask!

These products were kindly provided for my consideration. All opinions expressed are my own.

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  1. I have a review of this lined up in the next few days as well hehe! I also prefer a little more grit :)