17 April 2014

Wantable - April 2014

I'm not going to waffle on about my love for Wantable, as I've done it countless times in all my Wantable reviews. Wantable costs USD$36 a month, and if you're in Australia, shipping is an additional USD$10 (free for the US, USD$6 for Canada and USD$7 for UK). It is a cancel anytime subscription, and it's as easy as a click of a button. Unfortunately, I've had to use this easy cancellation procedure, as I'm broke (see previous post here). I think I'll probably subscribe to Wantable every second month, as it's just too good to cut out of my life completely. Also, I need a good surprise in the mail every so often, as I'm no longer subscribed to Lust Have It.

[Please excuse the blurry picture. I was in a hurry to catch the last few minutes of good sunlight (I hate daylight savings!!!), and didn't realise it was blurry until I was editing it.]

Wantable has a new box yet again! When I first subscribed, it was plain white with the Wantable logo on the front. They then changed it to black a few months ago before this new box came out this month. Wantable makes great boxes for packaging blog sale items (hint hint, nudge nudge - see blog sale here).

There were four items in my Wantable April box. As usual, all items are full sized, and tailored to my preferences via a survey I did when I first subscribed.

1. Chella Eyebrow Tool Case - USD$45.00
"The Chella Eyebrow Tool Case contains all the tools you will need to groom and shape your eyebrows into beautiful frames for your eyes as well as room for your favourite brow and eye pencils. This tool case contains Chella scissors, unique eyebrow razor with brush and comb, and our specially designed tweezers, along with Chella's Eyebrow Shaping Guide, all inserted into the beautiful Chella Tool Case."

I love that all the tools are packaged in what seems to be a good quality case. I also love that there is room for other tools, such as eye or brow pencils. The tweezers remind me of my favourite Tweezerman tweezer. I have yet to use any of these tools, but I will definitely be taking this kit with me to Singapore/Maldives in June.

2. Three Custom Color - Warm White Highlighter - USD$22.50
"This gorgeous pressed powder highlighter is finely milled to blend beautifully. The warm white colour gives a natural, lit-from-within look. Beauty Tip: Apply and blend onto the tops of your cheekbones, down the bridge of your nose, on your brow bone, and on your cupid's bow. Pair with a contouring shade for cheekbones to make any supermodel wildly jealous!"

I was meant to use this highlighter this morning, but I forgot. :( I was quite impressed when I swatched it last night though (swatch at the end of post). The powder is so velvety-soft and pigmented, and it does not look glittery at all.

3. Sorme - Jet Liner Black - USD$22.50
"Exceptional for flirtatious, defined eyes. Jet Liner creates a dramatic line and dries fast to prevent smearing or smudging. Exclusively designed brush is firm and thinly tapered for ultimate control. Lets you create a fine natural line or super sexy 'Sophie Loren' look. Beauty Tip: Apply to upper lash line, laying the brush against the top of the lashes. Tilt upwards at the outer edge for youthful, sexy eyelift."

I've been using Maybelline Lasting Gel Eye Liner lately (see review here), and I've been taking for granted how easy the Maybelline eye liner is to use compared to liquid eyeliners such as the Sorme Jet Liner above. Although the Sorme Jet Liner is super pigmented, I find it quite messy when I tried it on one eye last night. This may be due to me not being used to liquid eyeliners. Therefore, I'm not sure if I'll use this... at least not in the near future whilst I have my Maybelline Lasting Gel Eye Liner.

4. 'Tini Beauty - Eye Cordial Frothe - USD$18.00
"Say goodbye to creasing and fading with Eyetini Eye Cordial Shadow + Base. Our revolutionary formula glides on beguilling creamy colour and sets to a transfer-resistant finish that doubles as a wear-extending base under powder shadow. Frothe serves up creamy, pearly white. Beauty Tip: For expert control, apply with your fingers instead of the applicator wand. Then blend quickly before it dries. Clean up any mistakes with a cotton swab and eye makeup remover."

This shadow+base is an interesting product. Looking at it, it reminds me of a concealer. When swatched, it reminds me of a highlighter. It is quite blendable (see swatch below) and pigmented. I am looking forward to trying this out over the long weekend, when I have time to play with eyeshadows and really give this product a test run.

L-R: Sorme Jet Liner; 'Tini Beauty Eye Cordial Frothe; Three Custom Color Warm White Highlighter
That's it for April's Wantable box! If you would like to subscribe (you won't regret it!), I'd greatly appreciate it if you used my personal invitation link here, as I get a $10 credit towards my next box.

What beauty subscription boxes are you subscribed to? Are you subscribed to Wantable?


  1. I'm not subscribed to any subscription services as I like to be sure I'll love everything I'm paying for. A lot of the Aussie ones we have don't seem too impressive sadly. But the international ones like Wantable look much better. That powder highlighter looks really nice and I can see the liquid one working well, when mixed with foundation.

    Behind The Frames

  2. This looks like a great box, you got some pretty great products. I like how black and dark that eyeliner is; and the eye froth stuff (lol weird name for it) looks pretty awesome!

  3. if you could choose between lust have and bella beauty which box would you subscribe to? I'm considering doing it but don't want to spend money on both