04 June 2014

(House Renovations) And so it begins...

Last night was the first night that we slept in our new home. Currently everything is a mess with boxes everywhere. I managed to get out of work an hour early yesterday to head to my parents and attempt to pack up my crap. I failed miserably, as I still have lots to pack. We loaded up a car before heading to Ikea to return some curtains that we bought, and purchase other things like a cutlery drawer organiser and shelving for the new wardrobe that Mike made. We went to the clearance section and I was so excited to see two Alex drawer units with 9 drawers on clearance!
Alex drawers - photo courtesy of Ikea
They normally retail for $299. However, one was chipped and was discounted by 50%, and another (the one I ended up purchasing) had scratch(es) and was discounted by 40%. I picked the scratched up one because it was hardly visible compared to the chipped one. I'm going to store my makeup in the Alex drawers, and I'm super excited about it.

We stopped by my parents and loaded up the other car before driving back to our new home to unpack. I must have spent about 3 hours unpacking clothes last night before bed, and I still have more boxes of clothes to unpack. I think I MAY have one too many t-shirts and tank tops.

Whilst I was organizing our wardrobe, Mike was setting up a corner glass table that I purchased for something crazily cheap like $40 from Target years ago when I was working there. He set it up for me in my own getting-ready/makeup/nail-polish room, and it looks fantastic! I'm so excited to see the end result when everything is unpacked, so I can finally do a blog post on how I store my makeup.

Speaking of blog posts, I may not have time to blog much at all due to the whole house-in-a-mess situation I'm in. Also, it's getting increasingly hard to take photos during weekdays as the sun goes down by the time I finish work, and I'll have to take all my blog photos over the weekend. Furthermore, I will be going to Singapore/Maldives on the 11th of June for about 10 days. I'm going to try to post regularly on instagram (follow here) when I'm in Singapore/Maldives, so make sure to follow to see what I get up to! I will also have guests coming to stay when I get back from my holiday for about 4 days after, so I may not have time to blog at all.

This month is definitely going to be one of the busiest month for me this year. Fingers cross I get through it unscathed!


  1. That's such a bargain about the Alex drawers! Can't wait to see your make up room in all its glory. Oh, and the nail polish displays!! xx

  2. I saw want one of those Alex drawers too...I've had my eyes on one for a while, what a bargain!! And enjoy your time in your new house - and lucky girl, that trip to the Maldives sounds divine, I'm so envious, I could so do with some chilling on a nice beach right now!

  3. What a bargain! I love it when you can get homewares really cheap because of a few scratches or dents. Can't wait to see what you do with your make up room. I'm looking at moving all my make up to my bedroom, so I'm after all the inspiration I can get.

  4. Nice price for the Alex! I have the small Alex and I love it for my makeup, it looks good and it's sturdy and practical. Good luck on the move!

  5. Congratz on your new home! :) Those Alex drawers are very beauty guru-esque. Lol.