26 June 2014

Wantable - June 2014

As mentioned in my review of the Wantable May box (read here) that was posted earlier this week, I received both May and June boxes when I was away.

I won't explain why Wantable is one of my favourite beauty subscription boxes, as I have already done so in May box and don't want to be too repetitive. Instead, I'm going to go straight into the review.

Similar to May's box, I have received 4 full sized products for June.

1. Chella Eyeliner Pen in Black - USD $24.00 
"From Chella: Straight line to loveliness! This silky eyeliner glides on to define, emphasize and embolden with long lasting vibrant color that stays on until you want it gone! Beautiful!
Beauty Tip Apply above and below lash line. Store eyeliner pen tip down."

A good pigmented black eyeliner. However, it didn't pass the smudge test when swatched. Therefore, I don't think it will last long on my lower lash line.

2. Eddie Funkhouser Lip Gloss in Publicity Stunt
I don't have any information on this lip gloss, as I wasn't meant to receive this. On my information sheet, it says "Vincent Longo Dew Drop Blush in Color Desert Rose". I wish I had received the blush instead of this lip gloss, as this is not a shade I would wear. I have contacted Wantable regarding this but have yet to hear from them.

3. Ofra Lipliner in Nude - USD $10.00
"From Ofra: Water resistant pencil suitable for the most sensitive eye & lip areas. Created with a synthetic beeswax base for a smooth, soft and long lasting application.
Beauty Tip: Apply under lipstick for ultra-long wear."

I don't have many lipliners, as I rarely use them. But it's always nice to have one or two handy should an occasion arises that I would require one. This shade is also perfect for me, a I have quite a number of lipsticks that are "nude" - see swatch at the end of the post.

4. Gleam by Melanie Mills Body Radiance Bronze in Gold Bronze - USD $30.00
"With potent anti-aging ingredients (Green Tea Extract, white Green Tea extract and Vitamin E), hydrating ingredients (Aloe Vera, Jojoba Oil, Salflower Oil and olive oil) and skin perfecting ingredients (Kalpariane- a wrinkle filler and Brown Seaweed Extract- a skin tightener), Gleam Body Radiance gives your skin the appearance of healthy glowing skin because its a pigmented makeup. Gleam Body Radiance helps diminish the appearance of small stretchmarks and small varicose veins. Skin is left smooth and looking like velvet perfection. Use a darker shade to instantly bronze and tan without the harmful effects of the sun or the expense of going to a tanning salon! We use the highest quality grade crushed pearl from Europe that is not too glittery. The Pearl draws the light in and illuminates! Perfect smoothing highlighter for every skin tone!"

I received this body bronzer in my May box. At least this is not a complete dupe, as it is in the shade "Gold Bronze" (I received Rose Gold in my May box). As mentioned in the May review, this is something I wouldn't use, as I live a pretty boring life - the only places I go to are work and supermarkets.

L-R: Chella Eyeliner; Ofra Lipliner in Nude; Eddie Funkhouse lip gloss; Gleam by Melanie Mills Body Radiance Bronze
I thought I'd throw in a swatch comparing both Melanie Mills Body Radiance Bronze creams. Out of the two, I prefer the Rose Gold one. Now to find an occasion to wear these... or does anyone want one?

Overall, I am a bit disappointed with June's Wantable box because I'd only use 2 out of the 4 items received (on a good day - the eyeliner is a bit of a hit and miss as it's not smudge proof). If I received the blush instead of the lipgloss, I think I'd feel a lot happier with the box, as I'd utilise 3 out of 4 items. I'm going to have to revise the answers to the quiz that Wantable uses to match products to my preferences before ordering my next box.

If you would like to subscribe, I'd greatly appreciate it if you use my invitation link (click here), as I get a $10 credit to my next box.

This product was kindly provided for my consideration. All opinions expressed are my own.


  1. I wouldn't get much use of the body bronzers either, in fact I have a similar product awaiting review in my cupboard but I just can't even find the 'want' to test it :) The gloss swatch looks pretty nice.

    1. We are so similar! I wouldn't even accept any products like that for review purposes.