23 June 2014

Wantable - May 2014

I'm back!!! I miss the sunshine and the warmth! I'm planning on doing a blog post on my trip to Singapore/Maldives, along with the things that I purchased. Unfortunately, I didn't get much shopping done in Singapore, and to compensate, I spent a rather large amount of money at the airport (duty free).

This review of Wantable May's box is rather late, as the first box sent to me was lost in the mail and this replacement box arrived when I was in the middle of my holiday. The June box also arrived around the same time and will be up on the blog in a few days. 

If you have yet to hear about Wantable, it is a monthly subscription box. There are three variations - cosmetics, accessories, and intimates. I've personally never tried the accessories or intimates ones as they don't appeal to me as much as cosmetics. Wantable costs USD$36 a month or $40 for a one-off box. However, I'm not sure why you'd want to pay $4 more, as you can easily cancel your subscription with a click of a button (and it takes immediate effect). Wantable currently ships to the following countries (besides USA):
Canada - USD$6.00
UK - USD$7.00
Australia - USD$10.00

It is not the cheapest beauty subscription box on the market, but it's my favourite as they hand pick and send 4-5 products based on a quiz that you take. Therefore, the box is tailored to your preferences. Furthermore, all products sent are full-sized! 

I received four products in my replacement May box. 

1. Mirabella Eye Definer in Foil - USD $19.00
"Richly coloured eye pencil glides on smoothly for a perfectly precise look."

Although this seems like a great eyeliner pencil when swatched, I think I have far too many eyeliner pencils I do not use. I think I need to re-do my quiz and change my preferences. However, this eyeliner pencil is a tat unique, as it is not a "flat" black. It has a slight metallic look to it. 

2. Vinent Longo Pressed Powder in Golden Sienna - USD $28.00
"From Vincent Longo: One of the softest, lightest weight powders available in compact form. By triple milling the powder and using real silk fibres, the powder becomes ultra fine and smooth to the touch. The large mirrored compact is great for touching up your makeup on-the-go. Blends completely into foundation and concealer leaving no residue for a totally invisible finish. Absorbs surface oils and sets foundation and concealer to maintain a smooth, matte canvas throughout the day. Eye and cheek colour glide-on over the pressed powder, colour will not streak.
Beauty Tip: Dab a puff into the compact being sure to work the powder into the fibres. Tap the puff into the palm of your hand to remove excess powder and starting with the under eye area, lightly press the powder into your skin. Continue pressing as you move your eyelids, up to your forehead, along your temples and cheekbones, down your nose and ending along your chin and jaw line." 

I was a bit put off when I read the shade name. I envisioned "Golden Sienna" as a dark colour for some strange reason, but was pleasantly surprised at how light it was. It matches my skin tone perfectly despite putting on a tan from my recent holiday. I use a brush to apply this powder to set my foundation and it is so fine and smooth. Blending the powder is a dream! I used this powder today and my face didn't get oily enough to warrant an oil blot! HURRAY!

3. Mirabella Colour Queen Shadow Duo in Shockwave/woodstock - USD $30.00
"Rule the runway in brilliantly-bold hues. Highly pigmented color pairing contrast and complement, layer shades for a uniquely beautiful ombre-inspired look."

I initially thought this was a single shadow until I read the name on the information sheet, as I was blogging. As such, there are two swatch photos - one below with both shades, and another at the bottom of the post with the bright reddish pink shadow (which I assume is called shockwave) and the rest of the products that was received in this box.

I have to admit that the shade on the left (shockwave, I think it's called) is not a shade I'd use willingly. In fact, I was thinking about using it (sparingly) as a blush when I thought it was a single shadow. However, I might try to blend it with the other shade and see what comes of it when I get some time to myself.

Both shades were pigmented. I only swiped my arm once to obtain that opacity.

4. Gleam by Melanie Mills Body Radiance Highlighter in Rose Gold - USD $30.00
"With potent anti-aging ingredients (Green Tea Extract, white Green Tea extract and Vitamin E), hydrating ingredients (Aloe Vera, Jojoba Oil, Salflower Oil and olive oil) and skin perfecting ingredients (Kalpariane- a wrinkle filler and Brown Seaweed Extract- a skin tightener), Gleam Body Radiance gives your skin the appearance of healthy glowing skin because its a pigmented makeup. Gleam Body Radiance helps diminish the appearance of small stretchmarks and small varicose veins. Skin is left smooth and looking like velvet perfection. Use a darker shade to instantly bronze and tan without the harmful effects of the sun or the expense of going to a tanning salon! We use the highest quality grade crushed pearl from Europe that is not too glittery. The Pearl draws the light in and illuminates! Perfect smoothing highlighter for every skin tone!"

This is an interesting product that I'm going to assume is to be used on the body and not the face. I rarely use bronzers such as this, as I rarely go anywhere besides work. I think it'd be a bit over the top if I used this prior to work... not that anyone would be able to see considering it's winter and I'm usually rugged up!

L-R: Mirabella eyeliner, Mirabella eyeshadow in shockwave, Vincent Longo Pressed Powder, Gleam by Melanie Mills Body Radiance Highlighter
Overall, I'm satisfied with what I received in my replacement May box. Wantable was super easy to deal with when I realised that the box was lost - the tracking link did not update for about 2-3 weeks. Despite the high price tag, I think it's worth it as you get excellent service and products that are tailored to your preferences.

If you would like to subscribe, I'd greatly appreciate it if you use my invitation link (click here), as I get a $10 credit to my next box.

This product was kindly provided for my consideration. All opinions expressed are my own.

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  1. Wow, the bright shadow is very colourful! Love the other shade you got. Have always wanted to sign up to Wantable but still haven't! One day... :)