24 September 2014

Collection: MAC Blushes

For part I of my MAC collection, which features all the MAC lipsticks I own (which isn't all that many really compared to others I've seen) please read my previous post (click here). As mentioned in my MAC lipstick collection post, I was asked to do a general makeup collection post a while ago and never knew how to go about doing it, until the idea of starting off with my MAC collection was born.

From the title of the post, I guess you'd know what this collection consists of - blushes.

It wasn't until I put all my MAC blushes together before I realised exactly how many of them I have... and don't use. After some contemplation, I'm ready to let go of the majority of these blushes. It's just such a waste of them to sit in my drawers without being used for extended periods of time! They need good homes!

Mineralize formula blushes are one of my favourites, as I find they have extremely great colour pay-off and they are very long-wearing. They are slightly more expensive than powder blushes or pro longwear ones.

Gentle Mineralize Blush^ is a gorgeous plummy pink colour with a hint of a gold shimmer.

When mixed, Buddy Up Mineralize Blush^ comes up on my skin as coral peachy pink with a slight shimmer.

Unfortunately, Legendary Powder Blush^ blends into my skin far too well - either that or I need to layer it on a bit more, but I don't normally have time for this. It is meant to be a "pale soft coral", and may perhaps be more suitable for someone with a slightly darker skintone.

Improvise Mineralize Blush is a soft peachy shade with a luminous gold sheen. It works well as a highlight.

L-R: Gentle Mineralize Blush // Buddy Up Mineralize Blush // Legendary Powder Blush (Satin) // Improvise Mineralize Blush

Despite being a "sheertone" blush, Peachykeen has fantastic colour payoff. It is a peachy pink colour with a slight shimmer. I don't expect this one to sell due to its condition. I had an annoying oil buildup on the top layer of the blush, which prevented my brush from picking up the colour, so I had to scrap the buildup off with a clean knife.

Pinch O' Peach is another sheertone blush. It is a discontinued one, and I think MAC has changed it's formula over the course of manufacturing this blush, as I have another one of these (just in pan form, read further down below) and this one is cooler than the other. It is a cool matte pink colour.

Desert Rose^ is described as a "soft reddish-burgundy" by MAC. It is a warm rosy matte shade with great colour payoff.

Pinch Me is brand new, which is why I didn't swatch it. It is a rosy coral shade.

L-R: Peachykeen Sheertone Shimmer // Pinch O' Peach Sheertone // Desert Rose Powder Blush (Matte)

All four blushes above are mineralized blushes. I told you they're my favourite!

Warm Soul is my favourite MAC blush. As such, I probably won't be letting go of this one. It is such an interesting blush. It looks quite bronzey in the pan, and even on my arm (see below), but for some strange reason, it leans a little more pink on my cheeks. Love it!

Utterly Game is a peachy shade with a satin finish.

Early Morning is a coral blush with a very slight shimmer/sheen.

Giggly is a duo tone blush with a love heart imprint. It is described by a "light pink with pearly plum heart". This blush hasn't been used much, as it's just too cute. Make anything with a love heart on it, and you can pretty much guarantee I'll buy it. 

L-R (Mineralize Blush): Warm Soul // Utterly Game // Early Morning // Giggly

Joyous is a bright peachy pink shade with a slight sheen.

Rosy Outlook is a semi-matte blush that is described as a "light yellow pink".

Hibiscus Kiss Powder Blush Duo is from the Rihanna collection released last year. The bronzer is a yellow-toned medium tan, and the blush is a coral-pink with a slight sheen.

Summer Rose Beauty Powder^ is another one of those blushes purchased because of its packaging. I love the rose imprint, and as such as been rarely used to preserve the rose design. It is a cool pink and because it is a "beauty powder", it is on the subtle side. I did a heavy swatch below so that the colour is more evident.

L-R: Summer Rose Beauty Powder // Joyous Beauty Powder Blush // Rosy Outlook Pro Longwear Blush // Hibiscus Kiss Powder Blush - Bronzer & Blush

As mentioned above, the "Pinch O Peach"^ pan is slightly warmer than the other one that I have. 

Fleur Power is a bright coral pink shade that is apparently a satin finish. It looks more of a matte finish in my opinion.

Accentuate and Sculpt aren't blushes and they aren't for sale. But I thought I'd include them here since I've stuck them in my palette (which I realise is missing the insert). Accentuate is a pale beige shaping powder, and Sculpt is a sculpting powder that is described as a soft taupe matte.

L-R: "Pinch O' Peach" // Fleur Power // Accentuate // Sculpt
Whilst I absolutely love my MAC blushes collection, I think it's time to let these babies go. I sincerely hope to find new homes for them, where they will be loved and used more frequently.

After much deliberation, I've decided to have a standard price and a discount for multiple purchases despite some blushes being worth more than others (e.g. mineralize blushes retails for more than powder blushes).

1 blush = AUD $20 + postage
2 blushes = AUD $36 + postage
3 blushes = AUD $50 + postage

If you would like more than 3, we can discuss prices.

Please send me an email (shrinkingwallet@hotmail.com) advising which blushes you'd like and your postal address. An extra fee will be added should you wish to pay via paypal to cover fees incurred unless the payment is gifted, and you're absorbing the paypal fees.

^These products have been sold.


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