22 September 2014

Collection: MAC Lipstick

I've been asked to share my makeup collection a while ago, and I honestly did not know where to start. My makeup collection consists of quite a variety of brands, and not to sound like I'm bragging, but it is also too large to just do it in a handful of posts without overloading each posts with photos. Furthermore, about 60-70% of my makeup are unused, as I like finishing a product before opening a new one to keep everything as fresh as possible.

I was staring at my lipstick storage box thing (I use this lipstick tower from The Makeup Box Shop - click here), and noticed that I have a handful of MAC lipsticks that I could blog about without it being excessively long. I then noticed that I have quite a number of MAC blushes and powders that I can also blog about. Bam! The idea of a MAC collection series post was born!

Without further ado, this is my humble MAC lipstick collection. 

The majority of the MAC lipsticks I own are purchased from duty free (especially in other countries such as Singapore and USA) because it's far cheaper there than it is in Australia.

L-R: Unknown // Unknown // Creme Cup // Runway Hit // Sweet Creation
The first two unknown lipsticks were purchased from allcosmeticswholesale.com, the labels at the bottom were removed. The second unknown colour looked a lot more natural in their picture and I was quite disappointed when I first saw the colour as it's definitely not something I'd wear. Will someone please take this off my hands and buy this for AUD$5 (plus postage) - lipstick has only been swatched? Both unknown lipsticks look like they're from the cremesheen range.

Creme Cup is also from the cremesheen range. It's a really fantastic nude pink colour that would look good on most skin tones.

Runway Hit is a light nude matte from the Retro Matte Collection last year. I'm not the biggest fan of matte lipsticks, as they feel too drying on my lips. To combat this problem, I found that layering it over a lip balm helps.

Sweet Creation is from the Huggable Lipcolour collection late last year. It is a peachy cream shade that is Asia exclusive. I had my brother pick this up for me from duty free on the way back from Singapore.

L-R: Unknown // Unknown // Creme Cup // Runway Hit // Sweet Creation

L-R: Lovelorn // Patisserie // Plink! // Flamingo
All four lipsticks are from the lustre range. I guess judging from the amount of lustre lipsticks I have out of my MAC lipstick collection, you can accurately assume that lustre is my favourite finish (closely followed by cremesheen - I just need to purchase more of them).

Lovelorn is a medium toned blue pink lip shade that looks natural. As with all lustre finishes, Lovelorn is a demi-sheer lip colour.

Patisserie is a natural nude lipstick that leans a little more brown than pink. It's definitely the truest my-lips-but-better shade in my MAC collection.

Plink! is described by MAC as a "yellowed seashell pink". It is quite sheer and if you have pigmented lips, this may not show up on your lips.

Flamingo is one of my favourite MAC lipsticks. It's a pink coral colour that looks scary in the tube but looks natural on the lips. It's a great everyday shade.

L-R: Lovelorn // Patisserie // Plink! // Flamingo
That's all I've got for MAC lipsticks (for now). If you would like to purchase the dark unknown shade, please send me an email! Stay tune for the next MAC collection blog post, which I'm hoping to publish later this week, as I am also looking to sell some of my MAC blushes!

What is your favourite lipstick?


  1. I own Creme Cup and it's one of my faves. Lovelorn and Flamingo look really nice and wearable too. Nice collection!

    Sheri | Behind The Frames

    1. Thanks Sheri! I love creme cup too! It's such a natural colour.

  2. I wouldn't mind buying the unknown from you if you still have it.
    You can email me at pink-elves@hotmail.com

  3. I own none of the featured ones, like the look of Lovelorn and Flamingo

    1. Lovelorn and Flamingo are fantastic colours. So glad that they've made Flamingo part of their permanent collection!