26 September 2014

Collection: MAC Powders

This is my third and most likely the last instalment of my MAC collection series. In case you missed the first two instalments, click here for my lipstick collection and here for my blush collection (which I still have a lot left for sale). I don't have anymore large collections of MAC makeup, besides the occasional eye brow pencil or foundation. Let me know if you would like to see the odds and ends of my MAC collection!

Being a huge fan of mineralize blushes, it's no surprise that I am absolutely in love with the mineralize skinfinish range as well.

Adored is a gorgeous peach/pink/coral with a light beige shimmer. I can't believe that I've only ever swatched it and it's still sitting in it's box!

Refined is slightly more golden/beige than Adored, and has a slight peachy tone.

Medium Plus works as a great setting powder. It is a natural-matte finish and has light coverage. For reference, the last time I checked my MAC shade was NC25.

Soft and Gentle is described as a "gilded peach bronze". It is definitely worth the hype! It's a fantastic highlighter that gives you an amazing glow without making you look like a disco ball.

MAC Bronzing Powder in Golden
Ok I'm going to have to admit here that I can't remember the last time I used this MAC bronzing powder in Golden. But I obviously really liked it considering I purchased and started using my backup. I think I was keeping the almost-used-up one for Back to Mac. Mac Bronzing Powder in Golden is described as "Muted golden tan-beige with golden shimmer". 

MAC Blot Powder Pressed in Medium
Like the bronzing powder above, I used to use the MAC Blot Powder Pressed in Medium religiously. So much as that I repurchased. Come to think of it, I'm not sure why I stopped using it! There isn't much colour to this blot powder - i.e. coverage is light. However, it did a great job keeping me shine free.
MAC Monogram SheerSpark Powder in Personal Touch
MAC Monogram SheerSpark Powder in Personal Touch was obviously purchased for its packaging. I don't actually think this has been used! So I'm going to describe this by looking at the pan, it's a champagne/beige base with pink, purple and blue sparkles! Let me know if you'd like this in your MAC collection, as it's just sitting in it's original box in my drawer, neglected like all my other blushes.

L-R: Adored // Refined // Soft and Gentle // Medium Plus // Bronzing Powder in Golden

And that concludes my MAC collection series, unless you'd like to see my odds and ends MAC collection. Please let me know in the comments!

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  1. Gorgeous! I have to say, MAC makes some pretty gorgeous looking powders and I haven't caved to buy one YET but this post definitely makes me want to :D

  2. MAC seems to do really lovely face powders. The MSFs look stunning, Soft and Gentle is definitely on my wishlist, though refined looks really pretty too!

    Tasha // shiwashiful.

  3. Refined looks so pretty in the pan! I don't tend to use a lot of blush, so I haven't got any MAC blushes at the moment, but one day :)

  4. Great post! I loveee the MSFs, I've been meaning to get Soft and Gentle for so long now but was afraid that it would be too shimmery, but it looks lovely.