29 September 2014

Empties - September 2014

It's nearly at the end of the month, which means it's Empties time! It also means that there are 13 more Fridays till Christmas... but who's counting.

I was quite worried that I wouldn't have any products for this empties post about a week ago. However, my empties pile of products seemed to have accumulated rapidly over the past few days. Annoyingly, it is still accumulating after taking pictures for this post. I'll just have to cheat and leave the newly emptied products for next month. 

1. Nivea Visage Young Wash Off Effective Cleansing Gel
Not a fan of this cleansing gel. It stung my face when used with my Clarisonic Aria. It was a tolerable (but still uncomfortable) sting, and that was why I stuck it out and finished this cleansing gel, as I hate wasting products. It did get the job done, as my face felt clean. However, this will not be repurchased because the sting I get from using this is so not worth it.

2. Mario Badescu Enzyme Cleansing Gel
I've featured this cleansing gel in my daytime skincare routine (read here). It's a good cleanser that doesn't strip your skin of natural oils. However, I just wished that it lathers! I may repurchase this in the future.

3. Clinique for men Face Scrub
My holy grail scrub. I've raved about this scrub numerously. I probably wouldn't recommend it to those with sensitive skin, as it is on the abrasive side. However, it makes my skin feel so refreshed (thanks to the menthol ingredient), clean and smooth! Have already repurchased, and will continue repurchasing.

4. SK-II Facial Treatment Essence
I've been using this as a toner, and have featured this in both my daytime and nighttime skincare routine (read here and here). To get the most out of this product, I do not use a cotton pad but rather pour some out on my palms and then pat it onto my skin. Unfortunately, I have not experienced or seen enough benefits for me to want to fork out ridiculous amounts of money again.

5. KATE Mineral UV gel base
This primer is meant to moisturise dry skin, act as a sunscreen and covers/blur pores. It comes out white but blends into my skin easily without adding any whiteness to it like how some sunscreens can. I'm a bit on the fence with this primer, as it reacts with some of my foundations and I end up having little balls of foundation/primer on my face when I try to blend my foundations in with my fingertips. Furthermore, I don't think much of it's "moisturizing" properties, as it did not help with my dry skin around my nose and cheeks after using Retin-A. 

6. Australis See Ya Later Nail Polish Remover
A cheap and effective nail polish remover that does the job. I've featured this nail polish remover in a few empties posts, so I won't go on any further. But this is definitely a product I'd repurchase.

7. Agave Healing Oil Treatment
I really do not know why the squeezey pipette rubber thing has patches of white on it. Anyway, this is a good oil treatment that helped with frizzyness. It added some moisture into my dry damaged locks (although they could definitely do with more moisture), smells fantastic and works well on both wet and dry hair. It's a product I probably would repurchase if it was more available in Australia (this was purchased from Sephora USA).

8. Essential Nuance Airy Hair Mask
LOVE this hair mask. It smells fantastic and leaves my hair feeling so soft and detangled! Would definitely repurchase.

9. Canmake Gokunobi Mascara
This is one of those fibre mascaras. As expected, its a fantastic mascara for lengthening. Unfortunately, it has dried up and I end up with flakes of mascara bits everywhere everytime I pull the wand out. Would consider repurchasing this mascara.

10. Collection 2000 Skylash Mascara Waterproof
This is also another great lengthening mascara from UK. It's not too dry neither is it too wet. It's a great mascara that I wish was available in Australia!

11. Majolica Majorca Lash Expander Frame
For some strange reason, I've got two of this mascaras opened. It's unique in the sense that it has a double-sided brush - one side is flat and the other side is rounded. It also has fibres in it, making it a fantastic lengthening mascara. It is a bit on the wetter side, but is fantastic when it dries out a little. 

12. Etude House Lash Perm Primer
Not the best lash primer I've used. It does lengthen a little but I wish it had more to offer in the voluminising department. It also doesn't help with holding curls. Would not repurchase.

13. Bifesta Tightening Cleansing Sheet
Although I didn't see any "tightening" effects of this cleansing sheet (but then again I don't particularly need any tightening at the current time), this worked as a fantastic makeup removing wipe. The only thing that it wouldn't remove easily was waterproof mascara. My skin felt so clean after using this wipe, that I reckon I could have gone straight to bed if I didn't have the habit of taking a shower before bed. This is definitely a product I'd repurchase if it was available in Australia (I purchased this in Singapore).

That's it for this month's empties! You may have noticed that I haven't featured my Bath & Body Works shower gel. I actually didn't finish any before taking these pictures. Annoyingly, I finished it this morning, so it will be added to October's empties pile.

What have you finished this month?


  1. Lovely empties! The MB Enzyme cleanser seems pretty great - I need to check out more from his line! I used that Majolica Majorca mascara ages ago, and remembered really liking it. It was definitely awesome for length.

    Tasha // shiwashiful.

  2. Sometimes living in Australia is the absolute pits! Look at all those gorgeous products that we cannot easily purchase! I haven't tried any of the products you've mentioned, and I am also not a fan of washes that do not lather! x