03 September 2014

Memebox Special #25 Traveller's Beauty Kit

Last week, I did a review of the Memebox Superbox #41 My Cute Wishlist (read here). As a quick introduction if you do not know what Memebox is, it is a Korean beauty subscription box. It is a one-box only subscription, and each box has its own theme. For more information, please check out my review of My Cute Wishlist (read here).

As you can probably accurately guess from the name of this Memebox's theme - Traveller's Beauty Kit, the products are (hopefully) going to be super handy when travelling.

1. T.P.O No-Wash Toner Sheet - 30ml - RRP: $7
"T.P.O's No-Wash Toner Sheet is a cleansing tissue which works to remove even the most stubborn makeup residues from your face without having to rinse off afterwards. This all-in-one cleansing tissue is the perfect beauty essential for when you need to quickly, easily yet thoroughly cleanse all unnecessary gunk out of your face."

This sounds like a fancy version of a make-up removing wipe. I'm seriously intrigued. Would this be thin like a tissue (as per the description) or would it be thicker like a good makeup removing wipe? I don't particularly want to open this up, as I don't want it drying out before I go travelling (God knows when that's going to happen... stupid mortgage!). Regardless, I'm sure I'll be able to find some use out of this!

2. Amini Traveller Kit - Moisturizing Body Cleanser & Moisturizing Body Emulsion - 30ml x 2 - RRP: $10
"Enriched with various organic extracts and natural essential oil, Amini's  popular Traveller Kit consists of a Moisturizing Body Cleanser for gently cleansing your body an a Moisturizing Body Emulsion for re-filling moisture deep down into your skin."

I'm absolutely terrible at describing scents despite having the nose of a beagle, but this Amini Traveller Kit smells a bit lemony. It's quite a subtle scent (sniffing from the bottle) if you don't like lemony smelling things. Luckily, if it's too overpowering, I have a husband who loves lemons. He eats it whole - skin and all. Yeah, I married a weirdo.

3. NoTS UV Protection Sun Cream SPF50+ PA+++ - 26g - RRP: $52 for 70g
"With a strong level of UV protection, this Sun Cream is gentle in its formula (free of mineral oil, talc, tar colouring, benzophenone-4, and artificial fragrance) and works not to only protect the skin but also to hydrate and smooth out the skin texture."

As I'm running out of my Clarins UV Plus SPF40, which I use underneath my makeup, I'm excited to see if this NoTS UV Protection is a suitable replacement. If it isn't, I'm sure it'll come in handy the next time I sit out in the sun and get skin cancer.

4. Pure Smile Hand Gel Maldives Dancing Waters - 30ml - RRP: $2
"Made from collagen extracts, jojoba extracts, and ascorbyl palmitate widely acknowledged for its moisture lock-in capability, Pure Smile's Hand Gel in Maldives Dancing Waters will hydrate, clean and refresh your easily-contaminated hands. It comes in a small, cute packaging and is easy to carry around wherever you go."

I'm not a big user of hand sanitizers. I prefer baby wipes, as I feel like it's more versatile - it gets rid of sticky gunk (please don't ask why I might have sticky gunk on my hands) a lot easier than a hand sanitizer. I guess I could use the hand sanitizer after wiping my hands with a baby wipe, but I tend to use baby wipes before I eat, and I don't particularly like adding another step to my hygiene routine before digging into my food. Nevertheless, I'm sure I can find a use for this or give it to someone who will use it.

5. Easydew EX Active Soothing Serum - 5ml - RRP: $83 for 30ml
"Easydrew EX's Active Soothing Serum is made from natural Swiss glacier water which works to cool and refresh dry, irritated skin and the monk's pepper berries complex works to soother and repair damaged skin."

I don't have dry, irritated skin thanks to the regular use of argan oil. So I'm not sure when I'll get the chance to use it, perhaps after I finish my bottle of argan oil? Either that or I might find a new owner for this serum.

6. Pure Smile Powder in refresh Sheets - 32ml - RRP: $1
"Refresh with Pure Smile's handy deodorant-functional sheets with a powder-infused formula that works to clean, refresh, and remove bad odour from sweaty areas of your body."

The instructions for this is "gently wipe a sheet over your underarms, neck, or wherever else you wish to freshen up". It's like a shower in a packet!!! It'd be fantastic for long flights, except I normally try to sleep through it all (yes, even 14 hour flights to Los Angeles), as I'm a terrible flier. Therefore, smelling bad or needing to freshen up is the least of my worries. But it'll still be nice to have for the off time that I actually enjoy flying and need to stop smelling like airplane food.

7. S&B Aqua Tint Orange - 3.2ml - RRP: $4
"This Aqua Tint is not your average cotton swab, because it combines the functions of a cotton swab and a lip tint in one sensational item! Simple twist one end of the cotton swab and you'll see how the liquid tint from inside slides down the other tip! This is the ultimate throw-away type of lip tint to carry around with you wherever you go."

If you've been reading my blog for a while (thank you for your support by the way), you'll know that I'm very conservative when it comes to lip colours. As such, this is unfortunately one of the "useless" products. It's a brilliant idea, but I wish I received a different colour. Will definitely have to find a new home for these cotton swabs/lip tints!

8. idee B Sweet Jelish Eyeliner in 02 Ultra Fine Pearl Black - 3g - RRP: $11
"An eyeliner and an eye shadow combined in one smart, easy-to-apply item, idee B's Sweet Jelish Eyeliner comes in three most popular eye makeup colours, and its softly gliding, cream gel texture makes it possible for makeup beginners to feature a finely defined and naturally blended look! Plus, it's totally waterproof and won't ever wear off from waters, tears, or sweat."

I don't particularly need another eyeliner, considering I have literally an Ikea Alex drawer full of them. So I think I'll have to find a new home for this eyeliner too.

This makeup bag is a bonus product. One can never have enough makeup bags!

This Traveller's Beauty Kit retailed for $26.99 (including shipping), as I had a $15 coupon, I only paid $11.99. I wouldn't be so impressed if I paid full price for this box, as I'd be doing extremely well if I used half of the products included. I guess I should be happy that I only paid $11.99 for the lot including shipping.

I hope you're not getting sick of my Memebox posts, as I have another one coming up shortly.

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