21 September 2014

Verite Haul

As mentioned in my previous post on the No Makeup Makeup superbox from Memebox (read here), I've been wanting to try a Korean Cushion foundation for quite a few months before giving in and purchasing the Verite one on eBay. There are quite a number of cushion foundations available in the Asian market, and after doing some research, I have found the Verite one to be the most suitable for my oily skin type.

I do not normally share my haul if I only purchased one product. However, I thought this particular purchase warrants one, considering the amount of freebies I received.

The Verite Cushion foundation comes with a refill. As with most Korean base products, there is a grand total of 2 shades available - 21 and 23. I picked shade 21, and it is a bit too light for my skintone. For reference, I am usually around MAC NC 25, and shade 21 is probably a shade or two too light. But nothing a good bronzer can't fix. I won't go on too much about this foundation, as I am planning on doing a proper review

The freebies received with my order are:
Verite Shiny Rouge Multi Lip Gloss - 4.5g
Verite Deep Cleansing Water - 50ml
Verite Moisture Cleansing Foam - 50ml
Verite UV Sunblock Pact - 12g
Verite Nourishing Skin Perfector - 50ml (not pictured)

I paid $43.84 as I had a $5.15 voucher for the lot, which I think is a bargain!

Unfortunately, the eBay seller has changed the "freebies"/gift set, and I do not think it is as good of a value then what I received (see here). However, I think it's still a fantastic buy if you're looking to try a cushion foundation, considering the amount of freebies you get.

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  1. I'm still waiting on that verite cushion review! Lol. I'm trying to pick the right shade for my purchase and there just isn't enough reviews on the net about this product! Thanks for letting us know you are NC25. I'm between NC20 and NC25 so I don't know which one I should pick, the 21 or the 23.