29 October 2014

Collection: Lancome

It's time for another collection post! I didn't quite realise exactly how big of a Lancome fan I was till I gathered all of these products together. I absolutely adore their macaras, and tend to purchase them when I feel like splurging on mascaras (in case you were wondering, Maybelline is my brand of choice when it comes to drugstore/affordable mascaras).

L-R: Grandiose; Hypnose Waterproof; Virtuose Black Carat; Hypnose Onyx; Hypnose Drama; Hypnose Drama; Hypnose Star
I haven't found a Lancome mascara I dislike. I've recently done a review on the Grandiose (read here), and it's one of my favourite mascaras at the moment. It's such a unique mascara that does take some time to get used to. But once you get the hang of it, it's fantastic. I just wish there was a waterproof version available.

Hypnose waterproof is a mascara that I do reach for when I can't decide which mascara to use. It's another great mascara that is not too wet nor dry. 

Although the Virtuose Black Carat is quite old, I can't bear to throw it out. It's a black mascara with fine gold glitter. I don't have anything quite like this mascara. The gold glitter isn't too obvious on the lashes, but is obvious enough to catch your eye.

Hypnose Onyx is similar to the Virtuose Black Carat, but it's more of a silver metallic black rather than a straight out black with fine silver glitter.

I have two Hypnose Drama mascaras that are brand new in boxes. I don't know why.

Hypnose Star is another brand new mascara that I have yet to try. I really want to finish using some of my open mascaras first before cracking open some of my new mascaras.

L-R: Artliner x 3; Hypnose Star (deluxe sample) x 2; Hypnose Doll Eyes (deluxe sample); Cils Booster XL (deluxe sample)
I was absolutely obsessed with Lancome's Artliner. I still love it, and think it's the best liquid eyeliner that I've ever tried. However, I find myself reaching for my gel pen liner (Maybelline Lasting Drama) because it's a bit easier to use than the Artliner. Remember when I said that I was planning a giveaway? Well, I've decided to put some of my Lancome backups up for grabs in my next giveaway, and one of these artliners is included!

I have two deluxe samples of the Hypnose Stars and one Hypnose Doll Eyes. I like saving these deluxe sample sized mascaras for travelling. I figure the smaller they are, the lighter they weigh, the more crap I can buy. 

I also have a deluxe sample of the Cils Booster XL. It's a fantastic primer that I would definitely recommend.

I'm not going to lie but I initially purchased the Lancome Hypnose Drama kit for the Effacernes Longue Tenue, but have decided to throw this kit in the giveaway, as I clearly have more than enough mascaras and even have a few bottles of the Bi-Facil to use up!

I have yet to use the Lancome Absolu Voyage palette that my husband bought for me in the airplane duty free shopping thing. I don't know why, I obviously have a problem with hoarding makeup and then not using them.

L-R: Teint Idole Ultra 24H; Teint Idole Ultra; City Miracle CC Cream; Miracle Air de Teint
It's been a while since I've reached for the Lancome Teint Idole Ultra 24H in 230 Buff (W). I guess I've been neglecting it after receiving/purchasing newer foundations to try because I don't actually think I have any problems with this foundation. This has got to be a problem with other beauty bloggers... right?! If you would like to take this foundation of my hands, please let me know. Offer me a price! :)

Lancome Teint Idole Ultra in Ivoire 4 (N) is another one that has been neglected. Although I have shown it more loving than the Teint Idole Ultra 24H one, since I've used about 45% of it! If you would like this foundation, please let me know as well!

I've been using this Lancome City Miracle CC Cream in 01 over the past few weeks and will most likely have a review up sometime next month. As such, I won't go on too much about this CC cream. However, I don't think it's the best for oily skin types.

Lancome Miracle Air De Teint in 035 has been loved and reviewed a few months ago (read here). It's a great lightweight foundation that is perfect for summer.

L-R: Blush Highligher in 001; Photogenic Lumessence Compact in Buff 6 (W)
Lancome Blush Highlighter in 001 was given to me by Jen from The Shopping Queen (unfortunately, she hasn't blogged in ages) in one of our blog swaps last year. It's such a gorgeous highlighter! I absolutely love it!

I've only ever used the Lancome Photogenic Lumessence Compact in Buff 6 (W) once, and by that I mean I swatched it and then threw it back in my drawer. I didn't think my oily skin would agree with this foundation. If you would like this, let me know and you can have it for free (just pay postage). Please note that it has started to pull from the sides. If there are no takers, it will feature in next month's empties post. Although, I'm thinking about doing a culling post, so it may feature in that instead.

L-R: L'Absolu Nu in 307; Rouge in Love in 240M
I actually have another Lancome L'Absolu Nu that I forgot that I had (it was in my box of giveaway goodies). The other shade is 207 (not pictured) and will be up for grabs in the next giveaway. L'Absolu Nu 307 is a surprisingly moisturizing medium pink with a hint of red lipstick that has a bit of sheen to it, similar to that of the MAC lustre lipstick range.

Lancome Rouge in Love in 240M is similar to L'Absolu Nu in that it's moisturizing and has a sheen. 240M is a slightly sheer peachy pink.
L-R: L'Absolu Nu in 307; Rouge in Love in 240M; Blush Highlighter in 001
So that's it for my Lancome collection. Have you any Lancome products that you love and would recommend?
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  1. I love Lancome mascaras, and Hypnose Drama is my new favourite! Love a good collection post. :)

    I also swear by BiFacil as one of the best removers ever!

    Next to the BiFacil,mascara and possibly the Rouge in Love lippies, I would swear by the Lancome perfumes, my current favourite is Tresor Midnight Love.