03 October 2014

Review: Love Lois

Whenever someone says "subscription box", the first thing that comes to mind is makeup and a great way to try new things. However, I'm pleased to learn that there is a whole different type of subscription box on the market for us ladies during that time of the month when annoying Aunt Flo visits. Love Lois is a fairly customisable subscription that send you a box full of pads/pads & tampons/tampons every month so you don't end up pushing your other half or love one out the door for an emergency trip to the shops because you forgot to stock up.

I'm about to get nice and personal here. I have to admit that I do not use tampons at all, especially after learning about Toxic Shock Syndrome (despite it being low risk if you're careful). This was my first concern when learning about Love Lois, as I did not want to get sent tampons - I do not get that many nose bleeds. It was great relief knowing that Love Lois has different subscription plans to suit your needs. 

There are two plans (Organic and Regular), and each plan has four types to choose from:
Helena - $25 per month for both Organic & Regular - for heavy periods, contains pads and tampons
Melina - $23 per month for Regular, $25 for Organic - for medium periods, contains pas and tampons
Pandora - $22 per month for Regular, $25 for Organic - pads only
Tabitha Regular - $23 per month for Regular, $25 Organic - tampons only

I obviously went for the Pandora (regular) plan, which consists of 5 overnight pads, 10 regular pads, 2 super pads, 3 light pads, chocolate treats and a couple of tea bags.

I love that you can specify which brand you'd like. Currently, the options are Carefree/Stayfree, U by Kotex, Libra or "I don't mind". Furthermore, you can also choose whether or not you like wings. Random story but pads with wings often trigger a memory from primary school. I can't remember how it came up but a friend was talking about pads with wings, and for some strange reason I thought she said "pet" with wings. I was extremely confused and was wondering why she was wanted a bird, and thought it was so weird to describe wanting a bird as a "pet" with wings. Embarrassingly, it did take me a couple of minutes before realizing what she meant.

I also love the extra bits that Love Lois includes in all their plans - namely the chocolate treats and tea. If you have dietary restrictions, Love Lois will replace the extra bits with other goodies that you will enjoy. 

On top of all those options and extras, you can inform Love Lois when your next period is due to come and how frequent your period cycle is so that they can ensure that the box arrives before then. Alternatively, if you do not wish to disclose information, you can choose to get your box sent to you the first week of every month.

Whilst, I have to admit that $22 is a bit on the expensive side for 20 pads, chocolate and two tea bags, I think it's a fantastic service that you pay for convenience. It's also great that you get a variety of products, instead of having to buy different packs of 10-14 pads to ensure you have enough variety for days with heavy, medium and light flow. If you take into account that $22 includes postage, thus saving you (or your other half) the emergency trip to the shops, I think it's worth it! Furthermore, if you get self-conscious purchasing your required materials for Aunt Flo visitations at the shops, this box is perfect for you. It was packaged extremely discreetly. The white box containing your womanly goodies is posted in a plain grey satchel, which is so plain and discreet that even the company's name "Love Lois" is not printed on the return label (it's just their PO Box, in case you're wondering).

If you would like to learn more about Love Lois and purchase a subscription, please check out their website here.
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This product was kindly provided for my consideration. All opinions expressed are my own.