28 November 2014

Review: The Body Shop Wild Argan Oil The Radiant Oil

I recently bleached the living daylights out of my hair a few weeks ago. So you can imagine just how damaged it is. Think hay. I've actually been lusting over The Boy Shop Wild Argan Oil The Radiant Oil since I found out about it about a month or two ago. I am a huge fan of argan oil products (as well as moroccan oil and coconut oil), as I love the moisturizing qualities of argan oil. I also love the musky smell of it.

24 November 2014

Review: Jurlique Hydra-Gloss

Jurlique hydra-gloss is a limited edition lip gloss that is available in two shades - I'm Blushing (a soft, baby pink) and I'm Neutral (nude, peachy pink shade). Today, I'm reviewing the I'm Neutral shade. Jurlique claims that the hydra-gloss will nourish your lips and provide a high glossy shine. Hydra-gloss contains natural ingredients and is full of anti-oxidants, essential fatty acids and anti-ageing extracts.

22 November 2014

Paypal Blogger Collaboration Christmas Giveaway!

Christmas is a season of giving, and is definitely one of my favourite holidays what with all the Christmas gift sets. With Christmas just around the corner, I’m teaming up with the following lovelies to bring you a giveaway where you can win AUD$200 cash (payment made via paypal) - 
Sophie from Born To Buy, Jasmine from Sweetaholic Beauty, Kat from Kitsch Snitch, Ash from The Beauty Collection, Tried and Tested Blog, Natalia from Glossy Confidential, and Nalini from The Made Up Maiden

19 November 2014

Review: Matrix Oil Wonders Shampoo & Conditioner

I was recently given the opportunity by ry.com.au to trial and review the newly released shampoo and conditioner from Matrix - Oil Wonders Micro-Oil Shampoo & Conditioner. 

The Matrix Oil Wonders Micro-Oil Shampoo is a lightweight shampoo that promises nourishment, softness and shine. I found that this claim is somewhat true. I am relieved that it did not aggravate my sensitive scalp (that is prone to dandruff). This shampoo has a slight musky smell that is present in most hair products with argan oil, which I love. It’s not overpowering even if you dislike it. In terms of lather-bility, it was a bit poor. I found that it lathers much better as a second wash (i.e. after using another shampoo and rinsing it out), and only a smaller amount was required to achieve a good lather. Despite the disappointing lather, I was extremely happy with how my hair felt after rinsing off this shampoo. My hair felt soft and detangled.

17 November 2014

My Christmas Gift Guide for Her Makeup Under $100

This was such a fun post to put together. I was definitely in my element when I scoured through websites to find these gorgeous makeup products/sets. I nearly had to put my credit card in a container of water to freeze so I can't spend any more money. Thankfully, I managed to exercise some self constraint and didn't spend a cent during the makings of this post! I definitely deserve a pat on the back... and perhaps a shopping spree treat? Yes, I know I have a problem.

14 November 2014

Review: Rimmel Lasting Finish 25HR Nude Foundation

Rimmel has released two new lasting finish foundations, and this Lasting Finish 25HR Nude Foundation is one of them (the other being, Lasting Finish 25HR Foundation with Comfort Serum). The Lasting Finish 25 HR Nude Foundation is meant to be a lightweight, long-lasting, transfer-proof foundation for a more natural finish.

12 November 2014

My Christmas Gift Guide for Her Skincare Under $100

Christmas is slightly over 6 weeks away! But who's counting? ;) I have been thinking about doing a Christmas Gift Guide series, but I'm absolutely terrible at picking out things for guys and rely heavily on wishlists to pick the perfect present. I would put some of the items on the husband's wishlist on my blog but it'll mostly be tools and umm... more tools. I thought the easiest one to do is a Christmas Gift Guide for Her Skincare (under $100). These are the things I'd absolutely love to receive if someone couldn't afford the items on my actual wishlist or didn't have access to my list (i.e. Chanel 2.55 flap bag, Louis Vuitton Josephine Wallet - yes, I have expensive taste).

09 November 2014

Blog sale!!!

Happy Sunday! I have just recently spent a crap load of money on the infamous Sephora sale, as well as on some MAC products. I have no doubt that I have stimulated the American economy somewhat. To make myself feel better about spending way too much money, I thought I'd do a spring clean of my makeup stash to make room for the new goodies, and help prevent my already very shrunken wallet from disappearing altogether.

So, I would greatly appreciate it if you could check out my blog sale (click here) and buy something! Thank you! :)

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07 November 2014

Memebox - Tonymoly

I purchased this Tony Moly Memebox with the Holika Holika one, which I have reviewed previously (read here). I am familiar with Tony Moly, which is a Korean brand. However, I have not tried many of their products.

As I purchased both boxes as a set, I qualified for a free express shipping upgrade. I paid USD$66.99 for both boxes, which works out to be USD$33.50 per box. Although it is a bit expensive, it definitely does help knowing that all the products included are full-sized ones. Unfortunately, both boxes have sold out but there are plenty more to choose from on their website (click here).

04 November 2014

Memebox - Holika Holika

I've been trying to kerb my spending on memeboxes, as I'm planning on doing a huge US haul again shortly. However, I couldn't say no when I found out about Holika Holika and Tony Moly (review to come shortly) memeboxes. Both Holika Holika and Tony Moly are Korean brands which I am familiar with. I do not own many products from either brands, so I thought purchasing these memeboxes would be a great way to try products from each brands. It's all in the name of beauty!

02 November 2014

An instagram giveaway - Celebrating 500 instagram followers

I've reached another milestone! 500 Instagram followers!! Woohoo!! To celebrate, I'm giving away a mix of skincare and makeup products -
Lancome Hypnose Drama kit, Lancome Artliner, Physicians Formula Eye Booster 2-in-1 Lash Boosting Eyeliner + Serum, Edward Bess Blush in Moroccan Rose, Jurlique Skin Brightening Essence, Jurlique Calendula Cream, Lancome L'Absolu Nu lipstick in 207.