09 February 2015

LookFantastic Beauty Box - January 2015

If you haven't already heard, Look Fantastic has a monthly box! It has been running for quite a few months now, and I've only just decided to jump on the bandwagon and purchase one after seeing some pretty amazing boxes.

I ordered the January Beauty Box on 20 December 2014, it was despatched on 2 January 2015. However, I didn't receive it till 5 February 2015. I was a bit disappointed at how long it took for the parcel to get here, as it normally takes 2 weeks for LookFantastic orders to get to me. I'm hoping this was a fluke, as I ordered February's Beauty Box and I simply have no patience! 

At the time of my purchase, there was only one option - a one box purchase for £15. There's now the option to purchase a 3 month subscription (£40, save £5), 6 month subscription (£75, save £15), 12 month subscription (£135, save £45). Even though it is quite expensive (compared to the Australian beauty boxes) since the Aussie dollar isn't doing too well, I thought it would be nice to get something completely different. Furthermore, shipping (standard) is included! 

The LookFantastic Beauty Boxes each contain a minimum of 6 products. Products included may be haircare, skincare, cosmetics and body care. For the month of January, these are the items I received in my Beauty Box...

1. Nuxe 24HR Soothing and Rehydrating Fresh Mask - 50ml (£19.50/AUD$45.55)
"This Crème Fraiche Mask from Nuxe is an emergency treatment for your skin that leaves your complexion noticeably clearer and smoother. Providing an instant soothing relief, this paraben free mask should be applied for 10 minutes to achieve radiant skin in no time. With a non-oily texture, this mask is an emulsifying powder that leaves skin soothed and rested. Perfect for a pre night out pamper, this Crème Fraiche Mask is every girl's must have treatment."

I've been into my masks lately, as I'm still recovering from the damage Foreo Luna has done to my skin (read here). The hormonal pimples aren't helping either. With the addition of drying lotions and creams to my skincare routine to help eradicate the pesky pimples, my skin has been quite dry. I am hoping this mask will help put a bit of hydration back into my skin and soothe any aggravated skin from the damn pimples!

2. Molton Brown Templetree Body Wash - 100ml (£18.00/AUD$39 for 300ml)
"A blissful bath and shower gel blended with moisturising algae extract and purifying templetree flower extract. The fragrance - Top note: fragrant jasmine. Middle note: fruity Rose. Base note: sandalwood. Formerly known as Blissful Templetree."

I'm a huge fan of Molton Brown, and the Templetree scent is amazing! Also, this 100ml bottle is absolutely perfect for travelling. 

3. Philip Kingsley Daily Damage Defence - 60ml (£22 for 250ml/£7.50 for 60ml)
"Philip Kingsley Daily Damage Defence Conditioning Spray is the ultimate anti-breakage, heat protecting conditioning spray for all hair types. So you can ensure your hair is as soft as it is strong and radiant. Offering protection from daily environmental wear, such as UV rays and heated styling aids, Philip Kingsley Daily Damage Defence Conditioning Spray also instantly boosts overall condition, manageability and shine of hair."

The only Philip Kingsley product I've tried is the Elasticizer, which I liked (but not enough to want to repurchase, as it's pricey). I'm interested in seeing if this strengthens the hair and helps keep frizz down without leaving any sticky or greasy residue.

4. myvitamins Vitamin C Effervescent - 20 tablets (£4.49)
"Myvitamins Vitamin C Effervescent Tablets are dissolvable tablets containing a 1000mg of Vitamin C. These tablets come in two fantastic flavours (raspberry and natural orange) and just need to be added to water to provide a great tasting drink which is easy to consume. 
Myvitamins Vitamin C Effervescent Tablets provide 1000mg of Vitamin C per tablet which maintains the normal function of the immune system during and after intense physical exercise, contributes to normal energy-yielding metabolism, to normal functioning of the nervous system, normal psychological function, and to the reduction of tiredness and fatigue."

I wouldn't go out of my way to buy effervescent tablets such as this. However, I wouldn't say no if someone were to give me some. I will probably leave this at work for when I need a pick-me-up.

5. Gatineau Strategie Jeunesse Eye Pads - 2 pads (£34.50 for 6x2 pads)
"Revive and rejuvenate your eyes with these clever eye compresses drenched in a soothing, marine-based collagen solution. Gatineau Strategie Jeunesse Eye Pads are perfect for a special occasion when you want to look fresh and refreshed. These fabulous Gatineau Strategie Jeunesse Eye Pads help reduce dark shadows, plump out wrinkles and relax your eye contour for a more youthful, toned appearance."

This is the product that I'm least excited about, as my under eye area doesn't really need any pampering. Also, I nearly fell off my chair when I found out how much these eye pads costs!

6. O'Right Golden Rose Oil - 10ml (£27.00 for 100ml)
"O'right Golden Rose Oil is formulated with natural ingredients including selected golden rose essentials oils and water-soluble silicone to provide the perfect treatment for colour treated and damaged hair. The oil repairs cuticle scales to restore the tightness and gloss, whilst prolonging the treatment effect to leave your hair feeling smooth, soft and silky."
Oh my word this rose oil smells AMAZING. If you love rose scented products like I do, you'll absolutely love this! I don't even care if this doesn't work for my hair, as I'll probably use it as a hair perfume.
The total value of this box if I were to purchase these items individually would be £45.94, so it's over three times the amount I paid. There are one or two items that I could have done without, but that is the risk one takes when purchasing a beauty box. I'm quite excited to receive February's box.

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