25 March 2015

Review: Vanessa Megan Love Scrub

I am still on holiday mode and can't seem to get out of this lazy funk. I have had little to no motivation to blog, hence the lack of new content lately. However, this review is long overdue and I thought I'd try break this dry spell by blogging about a product I have been loving lately.

The Vanessa Megan Love Scrub contains a variety of oils that will aid in obtaining amazing soft, smooth and moisturized skin, as well as to help relax the mind and body. Coconut oil for its moisturizing properties, grapeseed oil for skin toning and tightenin, madarin essential oil which is beneficial for acne, congested and oily skin types, lavender essential oil for its soothing and calming effect, patchouli essential oil to promote grounding and balance, and peru balsam to calm and stimulate at the same time.

These essential oils result in an interesting smelling product. It has a citrusy scent that is a little spicy and warm. I normally do not go for scents like this, and was quite surprised at how much I liked it!

 As you may know through previous posts that I do have a holy grail body scrub (Soap & Glory Pulp Friction in case you were wondering), so my standards were set extremely high and I honestly thought nothing could compare. However, the Love Scrub has ticked all the boxes that I look for in a scrub. It is gritty on dry skin but if you have sensitive skin, it is not as harsh on damp skin (I love my scrubs gritty). As mentioned before, it smells amazing (another box ticked). And although it is a bit oily, it doesn't leave my skin feeling yucky after washing off. Instead, my skin felt so amazingly soft and moisturized that I have forgotten to apply moisturizer on my skin after. 

I also love the bits of petals added to the scrub, as it just makes it feel so much more luxurious, and somehow makes me feel relaxed too.

The only con about this product is that it comes in a zip lock bag, which I'm not a fan off, especially when trying to use in a wet area (i.e. shower). I decided to decant it into a Laura Mercier body & bath scrub jar that I finished before, and it has worked a treat!

I would definitely recommend this if you are looking for a moisturizing scrub for the body (I have not used this on my face, mainly because of the oil factor).

What is your favourite body scrub?
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This product was kindly provided for my consideration. All opinions expressed are my own.

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  1. These sorts of zip-lock bag scrubs seem to be all the rage lately, but year, I think they'd be annoying to use in the shower! I love that it's clear though, the scrub looks so pretty! Sounds amazing :)

    Tasha // shiwashiful.