23 April 2015

Review: Sugar Queen Body Scrubs - Lemon Cheesecake

I have been obsessed with body scrubs lately, and was offered a chance to trial this amazing scrub by Sugar Queen Body Scrubs. The scent was a surprise in more ways than one. I didn't think I'd like the smell of a Lemon Cheesecake scrub, as I'm not the biggest fan of citrusy smells but I actually grew to love this.

Sugar Queen Body Scrubs contains sugar, coconut oil, essential or fragrance oils, which leave the skin feeling so smooth and moisturized. Because of these oils, there is a very slight "greasy" film left on the skin after washing off. However, it's not an uncomfortable feeling that makes you want to scrub it off. I tend to get quite amused at how well water beads on my skin after using scrubs containing oils. Yeah, I know I'm weird.

I also love that this scrub is gritty, which may not be suitable for those with super sensitive skin. However, I love that the feeling of gritty scrubs on my skin. It makes me feel like it's actually doing a good job. I'm pretty sure it's not all psychological, as my skin does feel amazingly smooth after.

The cute fun-sized jar of the lemon cheesecake sugar scrub is approximately 15ml (0.5oz) and lasted me about 2-3 uses. The full sized versions come in 148ml (5oz) jars for $16,95, and should last quite a while depending on the amount you use. I think this is a great value for money, and I love that the jars can be reused -  I'm not a fan of scrubs that come in a zip lock bag, as I find them so hard to get product out without getting water in the bags whilst showering.

There are currently five body scrub "flavours" available - warm sugar cookie, coconut & lime, peppermint twist, pina colada, and enticing espresso. They all sound so delicious! However, if you would like to purchase the lemon cheesecake scrub, it will be available on Sugar Queen Body Scrubs in about 2 weeks.
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These products were kindly provided for my consideration. All opinions expressed are my own.

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