15 May 2015

Review: Kate Somerville EradiKate Mask

I have never tried a foaming mask. In fact, I didn't think they existed until I found this Kate Somerville EradiKate Mask. It literally goes from a gel/cream consistency into foam. I know right... Magical! 

Kate Somerville claims that this mask is "formulated with a unique Foam-Activated technology, helps clear blemishes, dissolves impurities and minimize the appearance of pores without overdrying skin."

I was quite skeptical when I discovered this mask. I mean can foam really assist in dissolving impurities and clear blemishes, because let's face it, the most exciting thing about this mask is the foam! I bit the bullet and shelled out a whopping SGD$85 when I went to Sephora in Singapore. 

I was quite impressed with the foaminess and how quickly it foams up. It has a tingly sensation, as the bubbles form and bursts. I also love the packaging of this mask. It's relatively mess free, and I love that you can see the amount of product left. It's one of those bottles, where the base/bottom moves up as product is used. I think this is brilliant, as there is little to no wastage when nearing the end of the product. 

I have to say that my pores are looking practically non-existent. I don't think this mask is solely the reason for it though. It's probably a combination of this mask and a retin-A cream (I use Stieva-A). My skin is looking a lot clearer as well - but then again I can't attribute it to this mask only, as my skincare routine and the pill has contributed to this.

Overall, I'm sitting on the fence, whilst I enjoy using this mask, I'm not sure if it's worth SGD$85 (equiv to approx AUD$80). I still kind of think the whole foamy thing is a bit of a gimmick. I would suggest getting a sample if possible before purchasing.

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