26 June 2015

My Dry Skin Saviours (Part I) - Kate Somerville Goat Milk Cream & Origins Make A Difference Plus + Treatment

With the onset of such cold weather combined with the use of my Retin-A cream, my skin has been so dehydrated and dry. If you're fairly new to my blog, I normally have oily skin. I still do. So you may be thinking "How can you have oily and dehydrated/dry skin at the same time?" Well, my skin is quite dry and flaky in the mornings, making foundation application an absolute nightmare. By the afternoon, my skin is an oily mess. This tells me that my skin is dehydrated and to combat this dryness, the oil glands go into hyperdrive and produce a heap of oil to try balance out moisture levels, which explains why my face resembles McDonald's deep fryer in the afternoon.

I have found two products that have seriously changed my life - Origins Make A Difference Plus + and Kate Somerville Goat Milk Cream.

Prior to using this moisturizing treatment, I was a Origins virgin. I asked one of the lovely Mecca staff from the QVB branch for a recommendation after explaining my dire dehydrated oily skin situation. She gave me two samples to try - Origins Make A Difference Plus Treatment (will refer this as "Origins MADPT", as it's a bit of a mouthful) and Philosophy Hope in A Jar. Origins was the stand out for me out of the two, and I immediately bought a jar before my generous sample ran out. 

I use Origins MADPT in the mornings, and I absolutely love how quickly it gets absorbed in my skin. This is such an important attribute, as I am usually in a rush to slap on my makeup and go to work. It is a lightweight moisturizer that does not leave my skin feeling oily. It provides ample moisture to my skin so I no longer get that annoying flakey look after slathering on my foundation. It has a slight scent (I want to say citrusy...) that I don't mind. 

The only con I can think of is that the packaging. I hate that it comes in a jar because it's just so unhygienic. I also hate when I get product under my nails, which is inevitable when you have fairly long nails and a jar of cream. I could always use a spatula but the effort of finding one and trying to disinfect it before/after each use is just too much. I have been overlooking this packaging flaw because the formula of the Origins MADPT is on point. This is officially my holy grail daytime moisturizer for dehydrated oily/combination skin.

Compared to the Origins MADPT, Kate Somerville (KS) Goat Milk Cream is a heavier/thicker cream. In fact, it is a bit too thick for daytime wear (at least it is for my skin type). I use it at night, especially after I apply my Retin-A cream to help prevent my skin from drying out too much overnight. As you would expect from a thicker cream, it does take a little bit longer for the cream to get absorbed in the skin. It doesn't leave my skin feeling greasy, but instead leaves a dewy finish. 

The KS Goat Milk Cream is also fragrance free, which is great for sensitive skin. Furthermore, I absolutely LOVE the way it's been packaged in a vacuum pump jar thing - i.e. you push the white top, and product comes up from the middle. It's just such a brilliant way to dispense creams! 

This is a fantastic night time cream for dehydrated dry/oily skin! It has also made it on my holy grail list.

Have you tried either of these moisturizers? What is your HG moisturizer?
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