06 August 2015

Empties: July 2015

Oops. This post is about a week late, but my life has been a bit on the hectic side. My birthday was on Saturday (and am working on a birthday swap post), and my husband's birthday was yesterday. Poor bugger has been sick and coughing at night, which wakes me up. So I'm a little sleep deprived at the moment. And then there's the whole anxiously waiting for council to approve our housing plans so we can start building our forever house. I have also been trying to be more active on instagram (follow me here), and planning posts takes time away from my blog. There is definitely not enough hours in a day!

Anyway, enough excuses rambling, these are my July empties...

Biore Makeup Removing Wipes
I love that the hard case is reusable. I hate it when the sticky flap/opening of a typical makeup removing wipes packet becomes unsticky and your wipes dry out. You'd never deal with that with this Biore case! I also love that these wipes are moist enough to remove all my makeup easily (I do sometimes need an eye makeup remover if I have a gazillion layers of waterproof makeup). They also don't leave any yucky residue that makes me want to wash my face immediately. Unfortunately, these aren't available in Australia (that I know of). I purchased both the hard case and refill from Singapore and will be stocking up when I go there next.

Biore Self-Heating One Minute Mask
I'm showing some Biore love in this empties post! I thought this mask was interesting. You dampen your face before applying this mask, as the mask needs water for activation. The science behind this is that the mask warms up, opens your pores, enabling it to draw out impurities, oil and other yucky stuff . The jury is still out on whether this works, considering I've only used it once (one use per sachet). However, I did enjoy the warmth that this mask provided since it's been so cold!

Rimmel Wonder'Full Mascara with Argan Oil
Throwing this mascara out because it's old. Looking back at when I reviewed this mascara (read here), I can't believe that it's been nearly 10 months! Holy crap batman! 
I have not seen any long term improvements with the use of this mascara (although, I have not been using this religiously everyday).

Bath & Body Works Endless Weekend Foaming Hand Soap
I don't normally feature hand soap empties in my posts, but I just have to show some love to Bath & Body Works foaming hand soap. I normally get their deep cleansing/non-foaming hand soaps because you tend to get more bang for your buck. But the foaming hand soap is just so much easier to use - you don't have to keep rubbing your hands for hours (note: exaggeration) to ensure every bit of skin is thoroughly washed. Even the husband commented on this. He loves the foaming soaps more!

LUSH So White Shower Gel
I've got so much love for this shower gel. If you love apple scented shower gels, you'll absolutely love this one. Although, according to my husband, it smells like pot-pourri. (I'm just amazed that he knows what pot-pourri is!)

Bath & Body Works Amber Blush Shower Gel
I found my new favourite B&BW shower gel scent!!! I was using the absolute minimum amount of shower gel each time to ensure this lasts forever and was extreme devastated when I finished it. It has the perfect blend of fruit/floral/musk... so much love, I can't even....

Essential Nourishing Breakage Defense Treatment
Wasn't all that impressed with this 30 second treatment (I even left it on for a few minutes). I didn't think this was anything special. My hair was left feeling as soft and nourished as any good conditioner would. I wouldn't repurchase.

L'Occitane Immortelle Essential Water
I love that this toner is gentle and non-stingy, as it is fantastic at removing leftover smudged eyeliner/mascara after a shower without risking "burning" the delicate skin near the eyes. I didn't find this toner drying, but instead refreshing. And for bonus points, it had a pleasant scent. I would consider repurchasing despite the exorbitant price tag ($42 for 200ml).

Urban Skincare Co. Infuse Body Balm
I had to use this body balm up real quick after Squidge decided that it was her new toy. I normally don't go for lemongrassy scented body products, but didn't mind this body balm. It absorbed fairly quickly into my skin, and helped nourished my skin.

That's it for July's empties! What have you emptied recently?
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