21 August 2015

Review: SocialEyes Lashes - Butterfly

SocialEyes lashes is a brand founded by youtuber, Karissa Pukas. I actually purchased a few lashes when she launched her lashes, however, found them too long for my eyes - they actually reached my eyebrows. I was quite excited to learn that she released 6 "natural" lashes, and was hoping that they will suit my smaller eyes better. I decided to pick up 3 of the 6 lashes (Butterfly, Playing Coy & Glamorous Shorty), as well as her tweezers and lash glue during her 30% off sale. 

Upon many minutes of deliberation, I finally decided on trying on the Butterfly lashes first.

According to the SocialEyes website, "Butterfly is our most natural lash yet! Perfect for those of you who are looking for a little volume to plump up your look. Works well with smaller, almond or hooded eye shapes!"

With SocialEyes Butterfly lashes
The Butterfly lashes definitely are as described. They look so natural on whilst adding a bit of volume. I also love how comfortable they feel. By comfortable, I mean I forgot I even had falsies on (I'm no lash expert, but I think that's due to the really thin lash bone). The really thin lash bone also makes it a whole lot easier to disguise it with eyeliner, thereby making your lashes look a lot more natural.

The last time I wore falsies was on my wedding day last year (I think they were Ardell lashes), and I remember how uncomfortable they felt on. I even had a falsies emergency! One end of my falsies was lifting. Thank goodness I had the foresight to throw my lash glue in my sister/bridesmaid's handbag.

I was really pleased that I had no problems with these Butterfly lashes lifting with the use of SocialEyes' lash glue, mainly because I didn't bring it with me when I went out shopping the whole day with mates. I love that the fine brush, as it allows for an easy and precise application compared to lash glue that comes in a squeezy tube, which makes me feel like I'm going to accidentally squirt out too much. SocialEyes' lash glue is also quick drying and dries clear. 

I didn't think much of the tweezers. I was hoping that it'll help make the whole eyelash application easier, as I'm an amateur. Unfortunately, I found using my fingers easier. However, I did like using it to hold the lashes whilst applying the lash glue, so my money didn't go entirely to waste.

The Butterfly lashes are extremely affordable at $4.95, lash glue costs $6.50 and the tweezers are $8.95. There is also free shipping for orders over $20!
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