01 November 2015

Empties: October 2015

Two more months of 2015 left! How time flies! 

I haven't really finished much for October (in comparison to previous month's), with a couple of "cheat" products. 

Jar Body Oahu Body Scrub
If you love a good gritty scrub and rose/floral scented products, this is a must-have! Aside for packaging, this body scrub ticks all my boxes. It's a brilliant scrub that leaves your skin smelling gorgeous and feeling so smooth. I was pouring about 3 applications worth into a jar and leaving it in my shower for ease of use. I believe I got approximately 9-10 applications out of this packet. It's only AUD$16.95 with free shipping within Australia (purchase here - I've already repurchased ;P)

Marc Anthony Repairing Macadamia Oil Deep Rescue Conditioning Treatment x3
This is my absolute new favourite hair mask. It smells good, and softens and detangles my hair like no other product has ever done. It even adds a bit of shine to my bleached blonde locks (I've actually asked my hairdresser if there was a way to get my hair shiny again, and she said it's impossible without a product that specifically adds shine - temporarily). So I was quite impressed when I noticed the slight shine in my hair after using this miracle product! 

This is the "cheat" product mentioned earlier. I actually decanted two of the packets into a bottle in preparation for my trip to Singapore in slightly over a week, and also because I hate sachets.

Formula 10.0.6. Keep Me Clean Clarifying Facial Wipes
Didn't think much of these wipes. I thought they were mediocre makeup removing wipes, and didn't make me want to run out and buy more.  They didn't leave any greasy residue, but didn't effectively remove all my makeup (especially stubborn eyeliner and mascara). 

Social Eyes Lashes Butterfly
The Butterfly Social Eyes Lashes are my favourite lashes ever. They just suit my small eyes perfectly. They look natural, and feel so comfortable. They're also extremely affordable at AUD$5.95 (here), and I've already repurchased four pairs! Oh and I got about 3 uses out of these, in case you were wondering.

NARS Skin Aqua Gel Luminous Oil-Free Moisturizer
I reviewed this moisturizer back in September (read here), and my opinions haven't changed since then. It's a decent light weight moisturizer, but I had troubles with it balling up. I don't think it's worth the extravagant price tag, as there are cheaper and better moisturizers on the market.

Gatsby Oil Clear Sheet
Gatsby makes the best oil blotter sheets ever. I always have spares, as this is one product that I cannot live without. If you have oily skin, definitely go buy a pack or 10. You can thank me later. :)

Etude House Nail Remover
This is another old favourite that has featured in multiple empties post. This is my favourite nail polish remover - it smells pleasant, and is absolutely amazing at removing nail polish. It also doesn't dissolve/wreck my acrylic nails too!

L'Oreal Infallible Mattifying Primer
I've reviewed this primer in July (read here), and I still think this is a decent silicon based primer. It worked well with most (if not all) of my foundations, providing a smooth canvas. It's also a light weight primer that feels comfortable on the skin. I would consider repurchasing.

Chanel Perfection Lumiere in shade B30
I normally don't include used samples in my empties post, but this is going to serve as a reminder to myself to buy a bottle! This foundation is ah-mazing! It looks so natural on my skin and provides the perfect coverage. Although, oil control properties could be improved, but nothing an oil blotter or two can't fix.

That's it for October's empties! What have you emptied recently?
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