10 January 2016

US Beauty Haul

 I've been a bit slack lately with the blog. I just haven't been feeling motivated to do anything with it. I think I've lost my mojo somewhere between LA and Sydney. I'm hoping that blogging about my US beauty haul might bring my mojo back.

I wasn't tempted (much) with beauty purchases in the states, due to the appalling exchange rate. Working it back to AUD from USD and the inclusion of taxes makes quite a lot of products seem more appealing to purchase in Australia rather than USA. As such, most of the beauty products I purchased were sets that are Sephora US exclusive (i.e. not available in Australia).

I purchased the Smashbox LA Glow Prime/Bronze/Highlight set and Ole Henriksen Glow On The Go Trio when Sephora had their sale on sale promotion. The Smashbox set was USD$29 less 20% (plus tax) and the Ole Henriksen was USD$12 less 20% (plus tax).

I bought the Smashbox set purely for the primer water, after hearing so much about it. I also haven't really tried/own many Smashbox products, so I thought this set will try more products from Smashbox without costing a fortune.

 The Ole Henriksen set contains three sets of cleansing cloths. Each pack retails for $8 and contains 10 cleansing cloths. I was using the grease relief cleansing cloths whilst I was in LA and thought they were pretty average. It had a smooth side and an exfoliating side, a rather unique cleansing cloth. It was on the drier side and wasn't great at removing stubborn eye makeup easily. These packs are fantastic for short holidays though!

I saw the Beauty Sleep and Time to Prime Sephora Favorites set in Sephora Hollywood, and could not pass them up.

I also purchased the Origins set for USD$10 (plus tax) during their Black Friday sale (I had it shipped (along with other things) to my husband's cousin).

The Clarisonic Luxe Satin Precision brush and Boscia Black Charcoal Pore Perfection set were also USD$10 specials from Sephora's Black Friday sale.

I have always wanted a black eyelash curler. So when I spotted the Surratt Lash Curler, I was instantly attracted to it. I had a quick read of the Surratt Lash Curler reviews, before deciding to splurge and get one (costs USD$30 plus tax). I'm a bit disappointed with it and was contemplating taking it back but I'm hoping it'll grow on me. The curve of the curler is actually quite flat, so I'm unable to really get close to the roots of my outer lashes to curl them.

I spotted Benefit They're Real tinted primer at Sephora Hollywood, and wanted to give it a go (which I haven't done yet). It retails for USD$24 plus tax.

I had a USD$25 gift card for Sephora, which I believe was part of their Cyber Monday sale. After umming and ahhing about what to get, I finally settled on the Sephora Favorites Superstars set. I decided on this set because it's not only excellent value for money (I paid USD$50 plus tax after the gift card redemption), but I would actually use most, if not all, of these products.

I redeemed 500 points for this Bobbi Brown set, which contains a mini shadow stick, mini mascara mini eye cream and mini makeup remover.

This amazing makeup bag contained a whole heap of samples. I received this with one of my Sephora orders.

Another amazing bag of samples from Sephora.

Also not pictured from Sephora is a small bottle of Cinema Secrets brush cleaner. It's bloody amazing but it smells like chemicals (in a bad way). :(

I didn't purchase much from the drugstore. I got a full sized version of a Not Your Mothers dry shampoo after trialling and loving the travel sized one that I received in my Christmas advent swap.

I also spotted a new mascara from Maybelline and HAD to have it. It's The Falsies Push Up Drama mascara.

Lastly, I splurged on a Dior J'adore hair mist from Macy's. I try to wash my hair once every 3-4 days, and after the 2nd day, it doesn't smell all that great. Enter hair mist. This one smells amazing... like the original J'adore, which I've recently decided I MUST own. 

That's it for my US beauty haul. I'm kind of glad that the exchange rate was so poor, as that has definitely stopped me from going crazy in the states.
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