14 February 2016

Review: Daiso Brush Cleaners

I've managed to find two different cleaners at Daiso. One's specifically for brushes and the other is for puff and sponge, but it's a cult favourite in the beauty community for brushes and beauty blenders. 

I thought I'd provide a quick comparison/review of the two cleaners.

The main differences between the two are:

1. Brush cleaner is 150ml vs Puff & Sponge cleaner is 80ml. At $2.80 each, the puff & sponge cleaner may seem more value for money (see next difference).

2. The Brush cleaner is very watery, as oppose to the Puff & Sponge cleaner, which is slightly thicker in consistency. The thicker consistency makes the Puff & Sponge cleaner easier to use, especially if you're washing them by hand alone (i.e. not with a cleaning mat/glove). It is so easy to pour too much Brush cleaner in the palm of your hand, due to the thin consistency. It's also hard to keep the cleaner in your palm of your hand because it slips away so quickly.

3. The Brush cleaner has a pretty strong scent, which stays on your brushes bristles. The Puff & Sponge cleaner is fragrance free. I'm not a fan of Brush cleaner scent wise. It's hard to describe the scent, as it's not sweet nor floral nor citrusy. It just smells fake to me. 

4. Not that this matters too much (at least it doesn't to me) but the Brush Cleaner is made in Korea, whilst the Puff & Sponge Cleaner is made in Japan.

Both cleaners work really well at removing makeup from brushes with very little effort. It's a lot easier using them in conjunction with a cleaning mat or glove (I use Sigma's Expess Cleaning Glove). It's also a breeze rinsing out the soap suds from your brushes, which I think it's due to the thinner consistency of the cleaners (as oppose to a clarifying shampoo that I use occasionally for a deeper clean). 

I think they're both amazing value for money, and while the Brush cleaner may be more value for money per ml, I much prefer the Puff & Sponge cleaner as it's thicker consistency makes it easier to use, and less product is needed compared to the Brush Cleaner. Furthermore, as mentioned earlier, the scent of the Brush cleaner is not my cup of tea, and much prefer the fragrance free Puff & Sponge cleaner. 

Have you tried either of these Daiso cleaners? What are your thoughts?

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