15 May 2016

US Haul - Sephora, MAC, Tarte & Stila

I recently did a US haul (thankfully before the Aussie dollar went down the shitter). I shopped from MAC, Tarte, Stila and Sephora via Comgateway.

On a side note, I really need to re-adjust my camera settings - I can't seem to get a clear picture when I've got multiple items to focus on! My apologies for the semi blurry picture(s).

I was extremely keen to shop at MAC after they reduced all their eyeshadow refills to USD$6! I got the following shades - shale, ricepaper, swiss chocolate, era, arena, all that glitters. I also wanted to try out the veriscolour stain (shade: tattoo my heart), which I have been loving. All the Right Angles Contour palette in medium also mysteriously found its way to my cart. 

I didn't get all of these Tarte products from Tarte - some were from Sephora. I purchased the Rainforest of the sea aquacealer concealer in light, water foundation in light sand and the skin twinkle lighting palette, as well as the foundation brush with spatula. I love the concealer and lighting palette. I've been trying to make the water foundation work for my skin by finding a primer and finishing powder that will compliment this foundation - I find that my skin gets super shiny (not in a good way) after a couple of hours. If you have oily skin and love this foundation, I would love to know what primer and powder you use!

From Sephora, I purchased the house brand solid brush cleaner, Tweezerman mini slant tweezer and the original beauty blender. 

I got the brush cleaner after falling in love with the Beauty Blender's version of a solid brush cleaner. Hopefully this Sephora one will work just as well.

I also purchased the Dior Forever & ever wear primer and Marc Jacobs Cover(t) stick in 300 (neutralises redness). Loving both products so far!

Lastly, I purchased the Perfect Me, Perfect Hue eye & cheek palette from Stila. It's such a great travel-friendly palette!

That's it for my (un)necessary, impromptu US haulage. I'm pleased with my purchases and overall self-control. 

Have you purchased any gorgeous makeup pretties lately?
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