05 June 2016

Empties: April & May 2016

I decided to combine April and May's empties into one post because I didn't have much to show for April. I had about 3 empties in April, and the rest of these products were from May! It's just crazy how inconsistently I finish products.

Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser
I was recommended to use Cetaphil instead of feminine washes to clean my lady bits. Can't say I've noticed any difference between the two in terms of cleanliness and irritability. I don't have a preference and would repurchase either.

Bath & Body Works Bourbon Strawberry & Vanilla Shower Gel
I found my new favourite B&BW scent! This shower gel smelt so amazing that I was trying to make this last as long as possible by using a teeny tiny bit each time. I am definitely going to buy more the next time I place an order (and I'm crossing both fingers and toes they still have this in stock)!

Coco Body Tanning & Nourishing Oil - Vanilla scented
This tanning and nourishing oil by coco body smells absolutely amazing. Think vanilla cupcakes! I've also tried using this as a tanning oil and it works really well. About 15 minutes of sun time is all that's required to get a nice tan. It also works fairly well as a nourishing oil. I say fairly well because it was fantastic in the warmer weather, however I still managed to get a winter itch when using this in the cooler weather. Definitely recommend this for the yummilicious scent alone!

Trichovedic Blonde Toning Deep Therapy Masque
This is the second tub I've finished! It's such a good toning and moisturizing mask for blondies! It smells like lavendar and has a pretty strong purple pigment (which is exactly what one needs to keep brassy tones away). Have already repurchased another tub of this!

Marc Anthony Repairing Macadamia Oil Conditioning Treatment
This is another fantastic treatment, especially for dry, damaged locks. I've used quite a number of these packets of goodness and still do wish that it was packaged in a bottle. But the product is so good, I'm willing to overlook the annoying package flaw. 

Bifesta Brightening Cleansing Sheets
I've featured this cleansing sheets/makeup remover wipes in one of my empties post before. I love it because it's effective in removing most of my makeup without leaving any gross residue. As far as I'm aware, this is not available (readily) in Australia - it was purchased in Singapore. Would repurchase the next time I go for a visit!

Gatsby Oil Clear Sheet
My favourite oil blotter sheets EVER - Although I prefer the powdered ones over these (powdered ones leave a powdery residue, which feels so good on oily skin). I must have used at least 10 packs of these, and I always have backups. I purchase these Gatsby oil blotters in bulk on eBay. Highly recommend these if you have oily skin!

Chloe de Roses EDT
Used up another one of my favourites! I absolutely love this perfume! I just wish they made it in EDP. It's such a floral, feminine scent that is not overbearing and/or sickly. If you love roses/rose-scented things, definitely check this perfume out! 

Williamspro Zero Powder
I've been reaching for this translucent powder more often than not over the past 7 months (I can't believe it has lasted that long!). It's a setting powder that is 100% natural and cruelty-free. There's also a fragrance free version, but I love the original one, as it smells so nice! I have been given a buy one, get one free coupon to share. It is "shrinkingwalletdiscount" and expires 30th June 2016 (buy here). Buy one for yourself, and give the other to a mate or family (or keep it for yourself)! 

MAC Brush Cleanser
I used this brush cleanser as a spot cleaner in between washes, especially after using brushes on cream/liquid products. The pump spray thingy was from an Estee Lauder brush cleanser, which I have a sneaky suspicion is the same formula as the MAC one but more expensive. It's decent at getting most of my makeup out of my brushes, and have already repurchased.

Glamglow Supercleanse Daily Treatment Cleanser
I don't love nor do I hate this cleanser. It's nothing special to write home about, as I didn't notice any improvements - it's meant to detoxify, remove excess oil, makeup and pore-clogging debris, and refine skin texture. I would not repurchase.

OPI Expert Touch Lacquer Remover
The OPI nail polish remover is excellent polish remover - it removes polishes fast without drying out your skin and cuticles. Although it is on the expensive side at $11.95 for 120ml!

Sunday Riley Luna Sleeping Night Oil
I'm a on the fence with this LUNA Sunday Riley oil. Whilst I think it's a great night oil to smooth and hydrate the skin, whilst aiding in reducing/healing pimples, I'm not sure if it's worth the exorbitant price tag. I find rosehip oil to work just as well as the luna oil for my skin and it's so much more affordable!

Tarte The Sculptor
This is my holy grail contouring stick! It's perfect for my skin tone (MAC NC 25-30), and it's super easy to use and blend. Highly recommend this! 

Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz in Taupe
Love the ABH brow wiz! Its a fairly skinny stick that enables you to draw precise lines. It also glides on smoothly - i.e. doesn't tug the skin, and has great pigmentation and colour range!

Tarte Lights, Camera, Lashes Mascara
This mascara is fairly good at volumising lashes with minimal clumping. It is a good everyday mascara, however, I wouldn't repurchase as there are better mascaras on the market (and also, I've got eyelash extensions and have no need for mascaras!)

That's it for April and May's empties! What have you emptied lately?
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