24 September 2016

Review: Lush Atomic Tooth Powder

I've got another quick Lush "review" today for you! This one is on the Atomic Tooth Powder.

I say quick "review" because it's more of a first impressions (to be explained later). But first, let's talk more about this product.

According to Lush, the Atomic Tooth Powder is a "gentle but powerful" powder. It contains "freshly ground cinnamon and clove powders inside , which will refresh your mouth and gums whilst gently
cleansing and soothing".

Using this powder is easy enough, simply dab your toothbrush into the powder and start brushing! I did run my toothbrush under water to dampen it so that the powder will adhere. It didn't seem to "activate" the rest of the powder in the tub. But then again, I only used it a couple of times.

I could not bare to use it any more than twice, as I strongly detest the taste of cloves, and this product is just cloves-in-your-face. I could not even keep it in my mouth for long to actually work this product into my teeth and gums. So this really isn't a review, but more of a first impressions. I definitely wouldn't recommend if you're not a fan of cloves either.

There are two other "flavours" of Tooth Powder available - Tooth Fairy, which is strawberry flavoured (would love to try this one) and Ultrablast, which is a blend of mint and wasabi (not sure about this one. Not a fan of wasabi).

The Lush Tooth Powders retail for $10.95 each, which I think is pretty affordable since I can foresee this lasting a long time with regular use.

This product was kindly provided for my consideration. All opinions expressed are my own.

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