02 May 2017

Good Green Box - March 2017

I was never planning on doing a blog post review on this edition of Good Green Box, as I received this before I started blogging again and gave away my wotnot wipes (the one pictures is actually a full sized one from my stash of products).  But I thought I'd share my opinion of Good Green box, which is a natural and organic beauty subscription box.

Good Green Box is a monthly subscription service that costs $25 a month (or $70 for 3 months or $130 for 6 months). There's a coupon available to try your first box for $10 - TRYGOODGREENBOX10. There are 6-10 organic and natural beauty products in each box. 

These are the products that were in my March box:

MIOD Balancing Face Oil - 15ml (RRP: $30 for 25ml)
"A soothing and lightly moisturising organic natural face oil with a light and easily absorbed texture. Suitable for all skin types but oily and congested complexions will find it particularly beneficial due to the balancing and cleansing action of the ingredients."

I love oils that have been specially formulated for oily and congested skin (i.e. made for me!). I'm excited to see how effective this is!

Bondi Wash Body Wash - Tasmanian Lavender & Pepper - 10ml (RRP: $35 for 500g)
"Natural, beautifully scented and a delight to use in the shower or bath. The natural ingredients and added moisturisers will leave your skin soft, nourished. The distinctive Australian scents will leave you feeling fresh while removing germs and bacteria naturally."

A dreaded satchel! Oh no! :'( I hope this smells and works better than it's packaging. :P

Amazing Oils Organic Magnesium Wipes - 1 wipe (RRP: $19.95 for 25 wipes)
"This 100% pure, organically sourced Magnesium Chloride is formulated into an easy to use oil and can provide instant results. Use for pain relief, sleep assistance and general body health. Apply behind the knees, lower back or on sore muscles. 100% Natural, Organic, Vegan, Non-toxic, Cruelty Free, Australian Made and Owned."

Not sure if I'll use this to be honest, as I don't normally require pain relief.

Sarah Jean False Lashes SJ003 (RRP: $17) & Sarah Jean Eyelash Adhesive Clear - 4ml (RRP: $20 for 5ml)
"The Sarah Jean lashes are the the lightest, most comfortable, natural looking lashes on the market with a world first mascara application style adhesive. It is anti-allergenic, water soluble and latex free."

Another product I probably wouldn't use (at least not for a long time), as I'm lazy AF when it comes to falsies. I am intrigued with the unique mascara application style adhesive though! I wonder how it will feel to have glue on all your lashes, rather than on the roots. Also wondering how effective it'll be. Has anyone tried this?

Earth Mumma Pit Paste Natural Deodorant (RRP: $12.95 for 30g)
"A creamy deodorant made with the nourishing goodness of organic, natural and simple ingredients. It's a worry free, stain free, aluminium/preservative/paraben/other nasty chemical free, vegan friendly answer to your natural deodorant wishes. Handmade and delivered with love from the Gold Coast, Australia."

This is a solid deodorant - you're meant to rub a pea sized amount on your pits for all day, stink and stain free comfort. I'm not sure what "flavour" I received, as it doesn't say anywhere, but I'm going to guess Eucalyptus Lemongrass.

Wotnot Sensitive Wipes - 5 wipes (RRP: $8.99 for 25 wipes)
"Wotnot has produced a facial wipe so natural, your skin will love it as much as you do. The formula is enriched with all natural ingredients to restore lost moisture, calm itch and inflammation, and encourage skin regeneration and moisture re-balancing."

As mentioned earlier, I gave my sample to my sister visiting from Singapore. I have approximately 20 of the full sized ones in my stash. I used to absolutely love these wipes, but have started to fall out of love with them. Whilst they're natural and sound fantastic, they are horrible at removing makeup completely. They also make my eyes sting and water - i.e. useless at removing eye makeup. I can't wait to finish using my wotnot wipes so I can move on to finding something else that works better.

If you're into natural and organic beauty products, this box is definitely one to try out! Personally, it's a bit of a miss for me, as the only one thing that excites me is the Miod Balancing Face Oil. 
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*This was kindly provided for my consideration. All opinions expressed are my own.

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