18 May 2017

Review: Cover FX Contour Kit

I have always wanted to venture into the world of cream contour palettes, after having used powder ones for the longest time. When I saw the Cover FX Contour Kit in G Light-Medium on special in Sephora a few months ago, I thought it was a sign from the makeup gods so I quickly checked out (with a couple of things that may have accidentally found its way in my cart).

On a related (ish) note, I have been loving Sephora's quick delivery service lately! So I received my order soon after, and was so excited to use the palette, because it's Cover FX.

It also came with a double ended contour brush, which I was also excited about (I normally hate double ended brushes because they just don't go well in makeup brush cups), as my brush collection is seriously lacking in the contouring department.

I picked shade 4 as the contouring shade and attempted to smear carefully apply and blend under my cheekbones using the supplied brush. I was absolutely devastated when barely anything showed up. I tried to layer it and I felt like I was using invisible "ink".

And because shade 4 is the darker of the two contour shades, I didn't even bother trying shade 3. I promptly threw the palette at the back of my makeup drawer and picked up my trusty powder contour palette, slapped on the rest of my makeup and left for work.

It wasn't until a few weeks later when I was "shopping my stash" that I found this palette and thought I'd feature it in an instagram post. I gave it another go with the brush, and was still disappointed. I also tried shades 1 and 2, and wasn't impressed at all.

And then I decided to resurrect my blog and do a proper review on this. I finger swatched all four shades on my wrist, and was quite surprised that it actually is quite pigmented! I tried it again on my face but using my fingers instead of the brush, and it just didn't work! Whatever faint colour that appeared on my face just looked incredibly off. I think it's a bit too warm to be a contour shade. 
I just cannot get this contour palette to work for me! It's so frustrating.
If you have tried this Cover FX palette and love it, please let me know how you are using this! Or if you have any recommendations for a cream contour palette, please let me know.

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