30 May 2017

Review: The Ordinary Coverage Foundation

I've been using the new coveted and extremely affordable The Ordinary Coverage Foundation for the past week. I have also been pairing it with The Ordinary High-Spreadability Fluid Primer. I thought I'd share my thoughts on both products (but a more detailed review on the foundation).

The Ordinary has recently released two new foundations - serum foundation and coverage foundation (I have ordered the serum one and I'm waiting for my order to be fulfilled). As its name suggests, The Ordinary Coverage Foundation is a higher coverage foundation of the two. In fact, it is described as a high coverage foundation.  

The Ordinary describes the coverage foundation as:
"The texture is that of a lightweight, non-oily cream. The pigments used in these formulations are treated for a rich, highly-saturated effect. These pigments are suspended in our proprietary spreadability system that allows pigments to look natural on the skin, resist collecting within fine lines and stay on for longer. The foundations offer a semi-matte finish and are compatible with most primers and are designed to work exceptionally well with the primers offering from The Ordinary."

I agree with the claims that The Ordinary has made thus far. It is a fairly high coverage foundation. Certainly not as high as Marc Jacobs Re(marc)able foundation, but high enough to even out skin tone, and cover most blemishes (see photos below). 

It is packaged in a plastic bottle with a lockable pump dispensing top, making it super travel friendly.

I use my fingers to apply this foundation, and it is easily spreadable, so application is a breeze.

It also does dry down to a semi-matte finish. However, as with all liquid foundations, I like to set with a powder. 

(Please excuse the lines on my face in the 8.00am photo - it was from the angle of the sunlight and the insect screen on my window).

At 3.00pm (approx 7 hours after application), there is a slight sheen that some people call dewy. I call it oiliness that needs blotting... Stat! I HAD to blot at 4.30pm because I could not take that oily feeling on my face any longer. However, 8.5 hours is a pretty damn long time. So this foundation is definitely a good one for those with oily skin like me.

My favourite thing about this foundation is how long it lasts. I normally put my makeup on at 6pm. By the time I get home at around 5pm, (most of the time) my foundation would separate around my nose and lips. This one stays perfectly put! So incredibly impressed, especially at the price point of $12.90! If you can get your hands on one, I would definitely highly recommend this foundation!

For reference, I am normally a light-medium in foundations (NC20-25 in Mac foundations) and found shade 2.0N perfect for my skin tone.

Texture: ★★★★★
Coverage: ★★★★☆
Longevity: ★★★★★
Oil Control: ★★★★☆
Fragrance: NIL
Application: ★★★★★
Packaging: ★★★★★
Overall: A+

The Ordinary High-Spreadability Fluid Primer is a primer that is packed full of silicones. So depending on your skin, this may work fabulously for you or not. I've never had a problem with silicon-based primers, so this one went on really well on my skin.

 It is packaged in a glass bottle with a dropper. In my opinion, the primer is slightly too thick and goopy for a dropper, but at least it's nice and hygienic. 

It does help minimize the look of pores, and provide a smoother canvas for the application of foundation.

I really love pairing this primer with the Coverage Foundation, and would recommend picking this up as well!

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