04 May 2017

Skincare Routine

I've been really happy with my skin lately, and I attribute this to the products I've been using on my skin. So I thought I'd share these amazing products with you. I haven't included the toner and cleanser I've used, as I feel like they aren't the star players - I've been using them for a while and have had horrible cystic acne pop up before.
For reference, my skin is dehydrated, oily and acne prone. I do get breakouts around the time Aunt Flo comes to visit, but have found that since using these products, the breakouts are smaller and disappear quite quickly (rather than large, painful cystic ones).
My morning skincare routine consists of:
  1. Cleanse (I've been using Drunk Elephant Juju Bar, however I don't love it - it's a good exfoliator, but hasn't helped with acne control)
  2. Tone (I am currently using Elements Bioactiv Aromatherapy Revitalising Tonic) - I spray this on my face and wait till it dries before continuing on (unless I'm in a rush, then I like to think I pat it in, but in reality I just smear it around for a few seconds until it's been semi absorbed). 
  3. 3 drops of The Ordinary Niacinamide 10% + Zinc 1% - this does leave the skin a bit sticky but goes away if you slather on more products. Also, if you apply this on top of another product that hasn't quite sunk in (e.g. rosehip oil), it lathers a bit, which I find really weird. So I've been using this first.
  4. 3 drops of Rosehip Oil - this is amazing for healing acne. I purchase my rosehip oil from iHerb for only $7.77 a bottle (Use code CEW675 for 5% off your first order). Bargain!
  5. A small dollop of The Ordinary Azelaic Acid - helps to improve skin texture.
  6. Another small dollop of Paula's Choice Hydralight Shine-Free Daily Mineral Complex with SPF15 - I mainly use this for the SPF.
And then I slather on some primer and makeup (if I'm going out) and I'm out the door.
My evening skincare routine is somewhat similar to my morning one - after removing my makeup with a wipe:
  1. Cleanse (I've been alternating Paula's Choice Resist Perfectly Balance Cleanser and Clear Skincare Microdermabrasion Cream with Glycolic Acid) - I've also changed the way I've clean my face - I rarely use my Clarisonic anymore!
  2. Tone (Elements Bioactiv Aromatherapy Revitalising Tonic) - Spray and wait till it dries.
  3. 3 drops of Clear Skincare Copper Peptide Serum - helps reduce the appearance of acne scars. I sometimes use this in the mornings too (if my skin needs it).
  4. 3 drops of The Ordinary Niacinamide 10% + Zinc 1%
  5. 3 drops of Rosehip Oil
  6. A small dollop of The Ordinary Azelaic Acid 
  7. Another small dollop of Sunday Riley Good Genes 
This cocktail of amazing products that I've been slathering on my skin day and night have resulted in clear (ish) skin (as mentioned earlier, I only get a couple of small pimples when Aunt Flo visits). I'm finally happy enough with my skin to forego foundation on the weekends (although I am still working on fading some acne scars). 
What is your go-to / must-have skincare product? Also, do let me know if you'd like a more in-depth review of any of the products mentioned.
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