15 June 2017

Review: Frank Body Shimmer Scrub

Frank Body released their latest shimmer scrub not too long ago. In case you haven't heard of Frank Body, they are famous for their coffee based scrubs and playful descriptions and social media posts. 

The newly released shimmer scrub promises to make you look "shimmery AF" for days you "feel like a unicorn". It is a limited edition scrub - it is currently sold out on their website, but you can still purchase from Mecca for $22.

The Frank Body Shimmer Scrub is packaged in a gorgeous holographic pouch with a zip lock (their normal range is packaged in a similar zip lock pouch, just not holographic). Whilst I think that perhaps this may be the most economical way to package body scrubs, I'm personally not a fan. I found it annoyingly difficult to close the pouch after using each time because the scrub gets stick between the grooves of the zip lock and it just doesn't "lock".

It's also fairly challenging to get the last 20-30% of product out without sticking your wet hand/fingers in the pouch. The scrub gets sandwiched at the bottom of the pouch and its hard to shake it loose and pour it out onto your eagerly waiting palm without losing precious goodness all over the shower floor.

The formula itself is gorgeously gritty, similar to Frank Body's other scrubs. It also has a strong coffee scent - this one is sweeter, and reminds me of cappuccino. I'm not a coffee drinker and I'm not the biggest fan of coffee smell, but I do quite like the smell of the shimmer scrub.

As mentioned before, the scrub is fairly gritty, as it has quite large granules (of sugar, I'm guessing). It also contains salt, roasted and ground robusta coffee beans, grapeseed oil and vitamin E, as well as glow dust to give you that shimmer. 

I really like the edition of grapeseed oil and vitamin E, as it helps moisturise my skin - a winter life saver. 

Mysterious shimmer?
As for the shimmery goodness, I am frank-ly (haha see what I did there?) disappointed. The shimmer is extremely subtle. So subtle that it's near impossible to capture on camera. I must have taken 50 photos of my arm with no success of capturing this "shimmer".

I mean if you squint and look really hard, maybe you can see a bit of a shimmer on the right? Oh, who am I kidding? It's just far too subtle, which I guess is ok if that's your thing. But hello?! I want to feel like a freaking unicorn! That's why I bought this scrub!!

(Note: It's also honestly not all that shimmery in person.) This probably explains why there's a serious lack of "after" photos of this scrub, and heaps of "during" photos.

The ordinary Frank Body Scrubs retail for $16.95, and theres a few "flavoured" ones (coconut, cacao and peppermint) that retail for $18.95. I'm honestly not sure if the holographic pouch that the shimmer scrub is packaged in is worth an extra $3.05, because in my honest opinion that's the main difference (besides the cappuccino scent).

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