11 July 2017

I got a tattoo... on my face!?!

Ok so maybe it wasn't a tattoo, like a tear drop. But I did get my brows micro-bladed/feathered a bit over two weeks ago. I hope this blog post will be useful for those who are thinking about getting it done too. 
Note: There is a fairly gross picture towards the end of this post.
I was advised by my cosmetic tattooist, Sarah (from Sarah's Beauty Ink) that I should not do any skin peels, microdermabrasion, or skin peels two weeks prior, and no retinol for one week prior. Also, stop taking fish oil tablets one week prior.
It is also a good idea to wash your hair before your appointment as you cannot get your brows wet for two whole weeks! I washed mine the day before, because I went straight to my appointment from work and it's far too cold to wash my hair at 5am on a winter's day.
Day 0
Waiting for numbing cream to work
The procedure itself (i.e. the "tattooing") did not take long at all - approximately 15-20 minutes. The longest part of the whole process is waiting for the numbing cream to work it's magic - 40 long minutes. Not quite sure why a cling wrap was placed on my brows, but I'm assuming it is to help the process along.
After 40 minutes has passed, Sarah removed the numbing cream and drew guidelines on my brows, which she then got me to check the outline to make sure I was happy with it. She is an absolute wizard at making my brows look like twins, rather than long lost cousins.
Honestly, I have no idea what she was doing when she was feathering my brows. All I felt was like a scratching sensation. I did request for a second round of numbing cream because I am a wuss. We only had to wait about 5 minutes for the second round, as it was just a top up. I definitely still felt the scratching, and it was slightly uncomfortable but bearable.

After Sarah was done, she got me to check her handywork, which I thought was brilliant and that it was money well spent. She then got me to sign off on it, and gave me aftercare instructions - which is in a nutshell - Do not get your brows wet for 2 weeks and apply a small amount of Bepanthen Antiseptic Cream with a cotton bud twice a day. She also gave me a little take home kit, which contains the above mentioned cream in a little container, a few cotton buds and a detailed aftercare instructions letter. 
My brows felt quite tender for the rest of the night, but not painful at all.
Day 1
My brows were super dark. It kind of looked like I went way overboard with my brow powder. I found it extremely hard to shower without wetting my brows. I went without makeup, as I just wasn't sure how I was going to remove it all and I didn't want to risk irritating my skin/brows.
Day 3

My first day at work with my brows. Had makeup on, but was very careful at not applying foundation anywhere near my brows. I ended up taking off my makeup with a makeup removing wipe, and then micellar water on a cotton pad. 

I normally wash my face in the shower to remove any remaining makeup and excess dirt/oil. But since my brows could not get wet, I didn't want to risk it by washing my forehead. So I went over my forehead area with micellar water on a cotton pad again after my shower. I was so paranoid I would start breaking out on my forehead, but this method worked really well with no pimples in sight two weeks later.

I had my first hair wash on Day 3 too. It was definitely interesting. I tried using cling wrap to protect my brows, but that kind of failed and I ended up getting my brows a bit wet. Thankfully Sarah gave me instructions to gently blot my brows with clean tissue if this happens. My tissue had a bit of brown ink on it. Oops! 

I also started flaking just a tiny bit on Day 3. I was told that flaking is normal. However, it was quite concerning and I did freak out because it just looked like the lines that Sarah drew was flaking off - I could see the skin underneath the flake, and it didn't have any lines. I sent a message to Sarah expressing my concern, and she assured me that this is normal and it will be fixed up in our touch up appointment in 6 weeks.

Day 4

Flaking started to get worse. However, it was only on one brow (right brow). 

Day 5 to 13

Flaking got progressively worse. Every time I applied the cream on my brows with a cotton bud, I would get flakes with lines on them. It looks kind of gross, almost like insect legs if you looked at it from a distance. I thought I'd save some of them and take a photo to gross you out. You're welcome.

Flaking was mainly on the right brow with minimal flaking on the left. Hello uneven brows! The annoying thing is that it is obviously out of my power and I was unable to "fix" it with brow products.

Day 15 onwards

Brows are nearly healed (it takes about 3 weeks to heal fully). I no longer have to apply the cream twice a day, and it is now ok to get them wet. My brows now look a lot more natural pigment-wise. However, if you look at them closely, you can tell that they are uneven no thanks to the crazy flaking on one side. I actually can't wait for the touch up appointment, so that my brows will look more even.

There are definitely some pros and cons when it comes to eyebrow feathering. Pros being saving so much time making your brows look like twins in the morning. Cons being the difficulties of not getting them wet whilst they are healing and the flaking. Also, feathered brows are semi-permanent and only last 18-24 months. 

Would you get your brows feathered? If you already have had this procedure done, any regrets?

Special thanks to Sarah from Sarah's Beauty Ink for supplying me the before and after photo at the beginning of this post!

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