25 July 2017

Review: Le Tan Uber Dark with Marula Oil

I don't do many reviews on self tanners because I'm allergic to most that I've tried. I normally get a really annoying rash that lasts 2-4 days only on certain areas of my body - inner thighs and arms. 

There are a few gradual tanners that I don't really react much to, but the colour pay off is nothing to write home about. 

My legs also get super itchy in winter if I don't slather on moisturiser religiously. So I wondered is there a link to dry skin and self-tanners (i.e. do self tanners dry out your skin?). After doing a bit of research, it seems like DHA commonly found in self tanners can be dehydrating.

When Le Tan released their new Uber Dark range, I thought I'd give the Marula Oil version a go, as it's meant to be more hydrating than the other ones in the Uber Dark range.

I held high hopes that the colour would be amazing after seeing that Uber Dark has received a 5 star rating from the Tried & Tested Beauty Heaven team. However, I didn't hold much hope that my skin would like this self-tanner, as after all, I have been searching for the perfect self-tanner for years.

I have olive skin that naturally looks tan-ish. I guess this is why I've also struggled with gradual tanners showing up on my skin.

However, I'm extremely impressed with the colour payoff of the Uber Dark self tanner by Le Tan. It makes my skin look so ridiculously tanned (and none of that orange oompa loompa crap). My sister actually commented "have you been tanning again? How? It's so cold!" when she saw me the day after I've slathered this magic in a bottle all over my skin.

I also found the foam formula super easy to spread with a tanning mitt. It was not messy and did not appear streaky - coming from a self-tanning n00b, this is a big deal! I have left this on overnight, but the minimum is 3 hours before you wash it off with warm water.

Uber Dark with Marula Oil does have that self-tanner biscuity scent that we all know so well. However, I don't find it overly strong and goes away after you wash it off (I do slather on a moisturiser after, so that helps too).

My favourite thing about this self tanner (besides the amazing natural colour), is that I'm not allergic to it (sort of)! I got the mildest rash on one arm the second time I tried it, but other than that, it has just been gorgeous golden skin with no ugly, itchy red rashes!

I highly recommend checking this self tanner out if you've got sensitive skin like mine... or if you want an amazing tan without the skin cancer.
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