03 August 2017

Review: Silver Bullet Hybrid Ceramic & Ionic Straightening Brush

I purchased the Silver Bullet Hybrid Ceramic & Ionic Straightening Brush a few weeks ago, as I've always wanted to try one. I did read quite a few reviews before purchasing (as I normally do) and all had good raving reviews (although I'm pretty sure most if not all were PR gifted). So I had high hopes when this landed on my door steps.

I kind of wish I knew what the instructions say before purchasing this, as it kind of defeats the whole purpose of a hair straightening brush. In my mind, I thought the straightening brush will detangle and straighten your hair with heat... I mean that's what brushes are meant to do right? I did know that this particular brush is designed only for use on dry hair before purchasing, although I think it would have been nice if it can be used on damp hair as well and aid in drying. Because a 3-in-1 product (straightening, brush/detangle-r and hair dryer) sounds magnificent!

After reading the instructions, I was so disappointed. And this was even before I started using it!

The instructions says:

"The Silver Bullet Hybrid is designed for use on dry hair. Hair should be freshly washed, completely dried and detangled before use. Do not use on synthetic wigs or hair extensions. 

Exercise caution with the temperature of the brush as it can be adjusted to a high heat level. Start with a low temperature and increase as required. Brush hair with a width of approximately 5cm from the root s outwards to the ends. Hold the hair to be brushed with one hand and brush with the other hand."

Is that the most ridiculous instructions you've ever read for a straightening brush or what?!

"Hair should be freshly washed, completely dried and detangled" - if my hair was freshly washed, and completely dried and detangled, I wouldn't need a straightening brush! (My hair is naturally slightly wavy to straight but sometimes goes crazy after a day or two). Now you may be thinking, well some people have wavy/curly hair. Perhaps this was designed for them? In which case, you're better of with a hair straightener. 

I decided to plug this in anyway, and give it a go...

I do like that the brush is sleek, fairly light and easy to hold.

I also like that it has an adjustable heat level and takes 30-45 seconds to heat up to 180 degrees (lowest heat setting).

L-R: Crazy second day hair; one side "straightened"; both sides "straightened"

I had crazy second hair day, and thought it was the perfect opportunity to take some before and after pics.  I will give it credit in that it does work. However, if you're after dead straight hair, then this is not for you.   I cannot imagine using this on hair that is super curly/wavy, as you'll be there for days trying to straighten it.

I'm not even sure I would recommend this straightening brush. I mean, it's recommended that you only use it on freshly washed hair, which you have to blow dry with a hair dryer, brush your hair to detangle and then use this brush to straighten? Ain't nobody got time for that.

In my opinion, this straightening brush feels more like a gimmick than a useful tool that one needs. I reckon save your money and invest in a good hair straightener and hair brush.

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